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(in Repentance)
This article is about Eye Sore, similar in appearance to Giant Cell.

Eye Sore is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[ | ]

  • When Isaac shoots, he has a chance to fire 1-3 additional tears in random directions.
    • The chance to fire extra tears is unaffected by luck.

Synergies[ | ]

  • Collectible Brimstone iconBrimstone: Gives a chance to shoot 1-3 additional Brimstone lasers in random directions.
    • Brimstone + Monstro's Lung: Overrides the Monstro's Lung + Brimstone synergy.
  • Collectible Epic Fetus iconEpic Fetus: More marks appear orbiting around where you're aiming.
  • Collectible Eye of the Occult iconEye of the Occult: Control of all tears' direction means all of the extra shots still travel in the direction in which the fire button is held, providing a substantial increase in DPS.
  • Collectible Monstro's Lung iconMonstro's Lung: Gives a chance to shoot 1-3 additional Monstro's Lung bursts in random directions.
  • Collectible Tech X iconTech X: Gives a chance to shoot 1-3 additional laser rings in the same general direction as the main laser ring. Extra rings randomly deviate by up to about 25 degrees from the main ring, and their size and damage also scale with the main one.
  • Collectible Technology iconTechnology: Gives a chance to fire 1-3 additional lasers in random directions.
  • Collectible Tiny Planet iconTiny Planet: The 1-3 additional tears orbit as Isaac's normal tears would, noticeably increasing damage.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Collectible Dr. Fetus iconDr. Fetus: Not recommended. When Isaac shoots, he has a chance to fire 1-3 additional bombs in random directions. Self damage likely to happen.
  • Collectible The Ludovico Technique iconThe Ludovico Technique: Overrides Eye Sore.
  • Collectible Sprinkler iconSprinkler: Sprinkler does not shoot extra tears.
  • Collectible Tractor Beam iconTractor Beam: Extra tears do not follow the beam.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Eye Sore is from the Antibirth mod.
    • Prior to Antibirth it made its first debut in the Binding of Isaac: Community Remix mod for Flash Isaac.
  • This item is likely a reference to Eyes, a character in Nuclear Throne.