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The Eye is a type of monster that appears in and its variations. They are immobile and attack by rotating towards Isaac and firing a 15►Technology Technology laser. Non-Eye enemies hit by the lasers take 8 damage.


Bloodshot Eye

The Bloodshot Eye behaves similarly to the eye but fires a 15►Brimstone Brimstone beam, which is wider. Despite the laser being Brimstone, Bloodshot Eyes still make Technology sounds when firing. Non-Eye enemies hit by the beam take 22 damage per tick.


  • When Eyes spawn, they can be briefly seen opening their eyelids before they start turning towards the player.
  • In the original Binding of Isaac, Bloodshot Eyes, despite using Brimstone as projectiles, had limited range. This does not apply to Rebirth.
  • Eyes may be a reference of Mr. I from Super Mario 64, which is immobile and can rotate, although they fire shoot pink bubbles from their pupils instead of lasers.

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