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Exploration bonus is the second bonus awarded when playing daily challenges: The player is awarded a precise set of points for visiting rooms, clearing rooms, and for killing enemies. The damage penalty calculation results in a damage penalty proportional to the players exploration bonus, this means that the player will receive a larger damage penalty the higher their exploration bonus is. The maximum damage penalty is limited to 80% of the exploration bonus.

Room Bonuses[]

Each room will have its visited and cleared bonus value assigned according to its type and size, with 2x1 and 2x2 rooms accounting for twice the bonuses for visiting and clearing.

Rooms will default to 10 points for visiting and 40 for clearing if not stated otherwise. Added in Repentance Red rooms are worth the same amount as the type of room that they generate as. The table below accounts for the size of Boss Rush, Hush and Black Market rooms, the reader should take care not to double these values again.

Room type Visited Cleared
Normal room 10 40
Sacrifice Room
Added in RepentanceUltra Secret Room
Added in RepentancePlanetarium
Challenge Room 200
Boss Challenge Room 300
Mini-Boss Room 70
Boss Room 100
Boss Rush 20 1000
Hush Room 20 1000
Shop¹ 30
Treasure Room 30
Library 30
Curse Room 50
Devil Room 50
Angel Room 50
I AM ERROR room 60
Secret Room 60
Bedroom 60
Vault 60
Dice Room 60
Super Secret Room 160
Black Market 160

1 Removed in Repentance If Greed is inside, the shop is considered a mini-boss room and worth 70 points for clearing instead of 40

Enemy Bonuses[]

Killing enemies will add to your exploration bonus - roughly 10 points for each killed enemy. The following formula applies to most enemies that spawn on room entry:

According to the formula, a single enemy in a room is worth 5 points; 2 enemies are worth 6 points each; 5 enemies 7 points each and so on. Only enemies that spawn on room entry are worth points and count towards the number of enemies in the room, this makes enemies in Challenge Rooms, Boss Rush and those spawned by other enemies worth no points.

Angels spawned by Sacrifice Room Spikes or by blowing up angel statues will grant 300 points each.


The player should explore as much as possible, while still allowing time for Boss Rush and Hush to be completed. It is a good idea to find Secret and Super Secret Rooms, go into special rooms, and fight against Challenge Room enemies and Angels. Looking for Crawl Spaces is not advised in most cases, as bombs can usually be spent better elsewhere. Items that grant mapping or reveal secrets can be extremely useful for getting a high exploration bonus while clearing floors quickly.

Added in RepentanceSince Ultra Secret Rooms do not grant more of a bonus than regular rooms, it can be better for score to generate Red Rooms where they will grant access to Challenge Rooms, rather than to use them to look for the Ultra Secret Room.

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