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Added in Repentance

Expansion Pack is a trinket added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Upon use of an activated item, activates the effect of another random activated item.
    • The random effect is any activated item with charge time of 1 or 2 rooms. View the page on activated items for a complete list.
    • Timed recharge and infinite use items trigger the effect once per room. Re-entering the room will allow Expansion Pack to trigger again.


  • One time use, timed recharge and infinite use item effects are not available.
  • 15►D Infinity D Infinity, 15►Dead Sea Scrolls Dead Sea Scrolls, and 15►Metronome Metronome all qualify for Expansion Pack as their (base) charge time is 2 rooms. This may result in activations of items not normally selectable by Expansion Pack.
    • The die chosen by D Infinity is always the same for a given run and can be 15►D4 D4 or 15►D100 D100, resulting in full rerolls.
  • If an item like 15►Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten Head or 15►Shoop Da Whoop! Shoop Da Whoop! is selected, firing it will be counted as another item use and active Expansion Pack a second time.

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