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Added in Repentance

Exorcists are enemies found exclusively in the fight against The Heretic The Heretic, and can never be found naturally. They take the appearance of a Gaper Gaper with its head's skin rolled down, revealing its skull.

If spawned by itself, it will start to walk towards Isaac, occasionally spawning a single Lil' Haunt Lil' Haunt. It will try to follow the most recently spawned Lil' Haunt Lil' Haunt and use it to shield itself, and it will only spawn another Lil' Haunt once the previous one has been killed. It will also run away from Isaac once its designated Lil Haunt has been killed prior to spawning another.

After an enemy dies, it will leave behind a small red spirit, sometimes, an Exorcist will walk over to one of the red spirits and revive it as a Lil' Haunt Lil' Haunt, similar to Rag Man Rag Man or a Cultist Cultist. These red spirits are the same ones created by Vade Retro Vade Retro and can be blown up as such. All red spirits will disappear once an exorcist dies unless holding Vade Retro Vade Retro.




Added in Repentance

The Fanatic is a variant of Exorcists, encountered only at the start of the fight with The Heretic The Heretic.

At the beginning a group of 5 Exorcists are seen on the edges of a large purple pentagram on the floor, chanting and kneeling towards the center as The Heretic emerges. They are shielded until after The Heretic is fully summoned, after which they transform into Fanatics (which appear to be Exorcists with the skull replaced by a purple flame) and begin behave similarly to Faceless Faceless, chasing Isaac while occasionally shooting two purple, rotating tears as it does so, like a Ragling Ragling.

Upon death, they have a chance to turn into Pacer Pacers or Gusher Gushers.


  • In Antibirth, Exorcists were a common enemy in Mausoleum Mausoleum.
    • They could also spawn Wizoob Wizoobs and Candler Candlers in conjunction with Lil' Haunts.