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Added in Repentance

Everything Jar is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • If the item is not fully charged, it spawns a pickup based on how many charges it had;
  • If the item is fully charged, it instead has one of the following effects:
    • Spawns a random amount of various pickups, including coins, hearts, bombs, and keys, cards, pills, and trinkets.
    • Spawns a Fly Fly.
    • Spawns an assortment of friendly dips, blue spiders, and blue flies.
    • Spawns random enemies in front of every door and closes the doors.
      • Enemies also spawn in front of connected Secret Rooms and Super Secret Rooms if there are any next to the current room.
    • Does nothing.
    • Spawns an item pedestal that cycles between 9 different items 30 times per second. The item selection is from the current room's item pool.
    • Spawns many colored beams of light around the room that deal damage to enemies. These beams of light scale with Isaac's damage, and get exponentially stronger the more damage Isaac has.
    • Fills the room with poop, similarly to A Card Against Humanity A Card Against Humanity
    • Spawns 6 troll bombs around the room, similarly to Anarchist Cookbook Anarchist Cookbook.
    • Flips all sprites to the side, gives Isaac random tear effects for the rest of the room, and permanently increases and decreases one of Isaac's stats, similarly to Dataminer Dataminer.
    • Spawns many Shopkeeper Shopkeepers around the room. These have a chance to be special/error shopkeepers.
    • Spawns a Giga Bomb Giga Bomb pickup that gives Isaac a bomb and converts his next bomb into a giga-bomb that deals 300 blast damage, spawns many rock projectiles that deal 15 damage, and creates 13 holes in a diamond shape around the blast zone that deal 99 damage to enemies that were in their areas. These holes cannot spawn if they would close Isaac's path around the room.
      • This bomb has a chance to be live when it spawns.



  • 9 Volt 9 Volt: Fully recharges Everything Jar upon pickup. It also slowly recharges Everything Jar's first charge while Isaac is in an uncleared room.
  • Car Battery Car Battery: Instead of doubling its effect, Everything Jar will spawn a poop alongside its normal drop.
  • Glitched Crown Glitched Crown / Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac: The rapidly cycling item pedestal does not gain more items in its selection or slow down.
  • Void Void: Consuming the Everything Jar will cause Void to spawn a poop when used, regardless of charge level.


  • Everything Jar can spawn gold hearts even before they are unlocked.

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