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Eve is a character unlocked by beating two floors in a row without collecting any heart pickups. Eve starts with two Red Heart containers, Collectible Whore of Babylon iconWhore of Babylon, and the Collectible Dead Bird iconDead Bird.

Notes[ | ]

  • Unlike other characters, Eve's Collectible Whore of Babylon iconWhore of Babylon's effect activates with one remaining Red Heart, instead of half a heart. Additionally, Eve's 0.75x damage multiplier will change to 1.00x as long as Whore of Babylon is active.
  • Eve has a 16.25% chance instead of the usual 10% for any nonspecific Heart drop to turn into a Soul Heart.
  • When unlocking Eve, gaining Red Heart containers or using Collectible Yum Heart iconYum Heart does not count as picking up heart pickups. However, the use of Collectible Pyromaniac iconPyromaniac does count.
  • (except in Rebirth) Upon donating 439 coins to the Greed Donation MachineGreed Donation Machine, Eve will start with the Collectible Razor Blade iconRazor Blade. This allows Eve to get to her Collectible Whore of Babylon iconWhore of Babylon while also granting the damage-up of the Collectible Razor Blade iconRazor Blade, and without lowering the Devil deal chance.
  • Eve works well when she's low on health; using Devil BeggarDevil Beggars and Blood Donation MachineBlood Donation Machines are good ways to activate Whore of Babylon.
  • Curse RoomCurse Rooms are generally useful rooms to find at the beginning of a run. Without any health upgrades, they will lower Eve's health into her Whore of Babylon state, and can potentially hold useful items and/or Soul/Black Hearts to protect Eve after transforming. If not already active, be sure to damage yourself upon the Curse Room door before accepting Soul or Black Hearts to activate the Whore of Babylon state.

Item Interactions[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible Birthright iconBirthright: Collectible Whore of Babylon iconWhore of Babylon is active regardless of health and Collectible Dead Bird iconDead Bird is active without taking damage. The effect will not occur if the corresponding item is removed or rerolled from Eve's inventory.

Good Items[ | ]

  • Items that take Red Heart containers away typically do so as a cost to counterbalance its potent benefits; for Eve, however, this supposed cost will likely be beneficial due to Whore of Babylon. Such items include Collectible Dead Cat iconDead Cat, Collectible Guppy's Paw iconGuppy's Paw, and Collectible Abaddon iconAbaddon.
  • Following the same logic, items that make deals with the Devil more likely will allow Eve to trade her Red Heart containers away more reliably, making it safer to gain health for the sole purpose of spending it in a Devil Room.
  • As Eve will prefer having little to no Red Hearts, she will need alternative ways to stay alive. As such, items that are conducive to spawning Soul Hearts or Black Hearts will be instrumental for Eve. Such items include Collectible Dark Bum iconDark Bum, Collectible Book of Revelations iconBook of Revelations, Collectible Satanic Bible iconSatanic Bible, Collectible Mitre iconMitre, and many more.
  • (in Afterbirth and Afterbirth †) Collectible The Polaroid iconThe Polaroid works very well with the Collectible Razor Blade iconRazor Blade, when Eve is at half-a-Red-Heart or less. During the period of invincibility after taking damage, the player can spam the Razor Blade quite a few times and vastly increase Eve's damage with no penalty.
  • Items that activate with low health such as (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Collectible Dark Prince's Crown iconDark Prince's Crown work well with Eve.

Bad Items[ | ]

  • Any items that give Eve Red Heart containers are potentially bad since it could deactivate the Whore of Babylon effect. However, because Red Heart containers are very useful in deals with the Devil, it could also benefit Eve greatly to hold on to the containers temporarily. Thus, an understanding of Devil Room spawning occurrence and chance is essential in deciding whether or not to take such items.
  • Items that heal Red Heart containers (such as Collectible Placenta iconPlacenta, Collectible Charm of the Vampire iconCharm of the Vampire, and the TickTick) can (and oftentimes inevitably will) cancel the effect of Whore of Babylon, if Eve has more than one Red Heart container.
  • Items that attract pick-ups (such as Collectible Magneto iconMagneto or (except in Rebirth)Super MagnetSuper Magnet) can force Eve into taking Red Hearts, which will cancel the Whore of Babylon effect.
  • Child's HeartChild's Heart causes more Red Hearts to appear, something which is generally undesirable in an Eve run without Collectible Dark Bum iconDark Bum, and can make more useful pickups such as bombs or keys less likely to appear.

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]

Unlockable Starting Items[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Eve was a playable character in the original The Binding of Isaac. She was added in the Halloween Update.
    • In the original, Eve was unlocked by making two or more Devil deals in one run. This unlock method was given to Character Azazel iconAzazel in Rebirth.
  • According to biblical theology, Eve was the first woman on earth, born of Adam's rib in the book of Genesis.
  • In the original game, Eve had a unique effect in that she would leave a bloodstain when entering a room at half a heart remaining instead of a urine stain. This was thought to be a reference to menstruation, as biblically menstruation was a curse upon Eve given by God. This feature was initially (intentionally or unintentionally) left out in Rebirth, but was later re-added in Booster Pack #5.
  • Eve was confirmed to be Edmund McMillen's favorite character from The Binding of Isaac in a Twitter AMA.
  • Eve's locked icon shows her bound in chains.

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