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Added in Afterbirth

Error is a trinket added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.


  • Gives a random trinket effect for each room.
    • There is no indication as to which trinket effect Isaac gets.


  • Each room is locked to a single trinket effect, meaning that even if Isaac exits and re-enters a room, that room will always have the same trinket effect.
  • In rooms where the Tick Tick effect is given, Isaac is unable to swap Error with another trinket.
  • If the Store Credit Store Credit effect is given in a Shop, all items will be free and Error will not be consumed.
  • If the Monkey Paw Monkey Paw effect is given, Error will never be consumed and can continue to spawn Black Heart Black Hearts indefinitely.
  • If the Added in Afterbirth †Walnut Walnut effect is given, the trinket will not be consumed and will continue to spawn items upon taking damage.
    • Touching a Added in Afterbirth † Stoney Stoney and Movable TNT Movable TNT counts as taking damage and will spawn a lot of items.
  • If the Added in RepentanceYour Soul Your Soul effect is given, all Devil Deals will be free and Error will not be consumed.
  • Error can not give the effects of trinkets Isaac is currently holding (with Mom's Purse Mom's Purse or Added in Afterbirth †Belly Button Belly Button) or ones that were gulped.
    • Therefore, somehow gulping all the trinkets in one run will make this trinket useless.

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