Eden sprite
Base Health: Up to 3 Hearts total

(does include Soul Hearts)

Base Tears: 1 ± 0.7
Base Range: 23.75 ± 5.00
Base Speed: 1.0 ± 0.2

Eden is a new character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth unlocked by completing The Womb for the first time. Eden is unique in that they are only playable when the player has at least one Eden Token. Eden Tokens are awarded every time Mom's Heart or It Lives is defeated. Each time a game is started as Eden, one token is consumed and a new Eden is randomly generated based on the seed, with one of ten hairstyles, random base stats, and two randomly chosen starting items.

Eden's stats are centered around Isaac's, basically meaning that they are like Isaac but may vary significantly. The stats you see on this page are all ranges with Isaac's stats at the center, plus or minus a certain amount up to the values listed. It is currently unknown how the game generates Eden's stats, or how it handles particularly powerful or particularly weak Eden runs.

Eden starts with a different hairstyle in every playthrough, but this is purely cosmetic.

Notes Edit

  • Holding R to reset doesn't work with Eden, and every time you start a new run, you use up one Eden token.
  • Eden can start with any item, including The Negative or The Polaroid if already unlocked.
  • Stats are assigned before items. For example, starting with Bucket Of Lard will make Eden spawn with however many hearts they started with, plus an additional two heart containers (one half of which will be filled, the rest left empty).

Unlockable items Edit

  • Undefined - Complete the Boss Rush.
  • Glitch Baby - Defeat Mom's Heart or It Lives on Hard.
  • Book Of Secrets - Defeat the boss in Sheol.
  • Blank Card - Defeat the boss in Cathedral.
  • Mystery Sack - Defeat the boss in The Dark Room.
  • Mysterious Paper - Defeat the boss in The Chest.