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Added in Afterbirth †

Dull Razor is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †.


  • Hurts Isaac without taking away health, activating any items that trigger upon taking damage.


  • As using the Dull Razor will grant extra invincibility frames like normal damage, this item can be used to enter Curse Room Curse Room for free, or, with proper timing, allow Isaac to avoid taking damage from an enemy or obstacle.
  • Removed in Repentance The invincibility frames allow Isaac to use Blood Donation Machine.png Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggar.png Devil Beggars for free.
  • Added in Repentance Dull Razor ignores shields granted by Holy Mantle Holy Mantle, and similar items.


  • Added in RepentanceBook of Virtues Book of Virtues: Spawns a grey wisp on the middle ring. The wisp doesn't fire any tears. Whenever Isaac takes damage, there is a chance that the damage is negated and one of the wisps is destroyed instead. "Damage" taken from using Dull Razor does not count for this effect.
  • Added in RepentanceCar Battery Car Battery Dull Razor activates twice, triggering on-damage items twice.


For a full list of items that work with Dull Razor, see the list of damage triggered items. Note that any specific extra conditions the items may have for their activation still apply.

  • Removed in Repentance Blanket Blanket / Holy Mantle Holy Mantle / Wooden Cross Wooden Cross: Absorbs the "hit", wasting both items.
  • Removed in Repentance Car Battery Car Battery: Dull Razor activates twice, but "damage" is only dealt once, not triggering synergies a second time.
  • Cone Head Cone Head: Can block the "hit" Dull Razor inflicts, causing no effect.
  • Crown of Light Crown of Light: Disables the effect for the current room.
  • Added in Repentance Habit Habit: Doesn't charge Dull Razor itself.
    • Habit + Schoolbag Schoolbag: The secondary item will be charged.
      • Habit + Schoolbag + 9 Volt 9 Volt: If Dull Razor is copied into the second active item through an effect such as Diplopia Diplopia or Crooked Penny Crooked Penny, the two Dull Razors can be switched between infinitely.
  • Isaac's Heart Isaac's Heart: Completely nullifies the effect of Dull Razor.
  • Purity Purity: Cancels the current effect of Purity, allowing a different aura to be gained instead.

In-game Footage[]


  • The item works almost identically to the Voodoo Pin in Antibirth.


Bug Bug! Habit Habit will charge Dull Razor if Isaac has The Battery The Battery.