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Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the item, see Dogma (Item).

Added in Repentance

Dogma is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance and is the first boss of Home Home.


Phase 1[]

In its first phase, Dogma is attached to a television. Damage can only be dealt to Dogma by damaging the television in the center of the room. Any attacks towards Dogma itself causes a shield to briefly appear and block the attack. Dogma moves slowly towards Isaac leaving a trail of damaging Static Creep and has a variety of attacks:

  • Fires three consecutive radial bursts of 8 Godhead Godhead projectiles. If Isaac stands within the projectiles' auras for long enough, a Crack the Sky Crack the Sky beam hits Isaac from above.
  • Fires four consecutive bursts of projectiles in groups of 1, 2, 3, and, 4 in each of the cardinal directions, with the overall pattern resembling a star.
    • Occasionally after firing the 4th burst, Dogma greatly slows down all the projectiles mid-flight, leaving them to float around slowly for a moment before vanishing.
      • Dogma starts using this variant after losing around 60% of its HP, and performs it more frequently the lower its HP is.
  • Fires 3 consecutive waves of 3 to 4 projectiles each in random directions. When these projectiles land, they create thin, harmless rays that point towards Isaac and become damaging lasers after a few seconds.
  • Fires a static Brimstone Brimstone beam that bends towards Isaac. This beam is always fired in the closest cardinal direction to Isaac and switches if Isaac moves closer to a different cardinal direction.

Phase 2[]

After destroying the television, Dogma falls apart into a puddle of static, before rising out of it as an orb and growing two pairs of wings resembling a Seraph. During this phase, Dogma continues to chase Isaac between attacks but becomes vulnerable and has completely different attacks:

  • Fires a spread of disorganized feather projectiles towards Isaac if he's to its left or right.
  • Summons a ball of light overhead which creates 16 to 18 harmless rays of light that point outwards and spin around the ball in random directions. After a few seconds, the rays stop moving and become damaging thin beams, similar to the ones used by the Angels. This pattern is repeated three times, then Dogma throws it, firing one last wave of 8 wider beams in the cardinal and diagonal directions before dissipating.
    • If the thrown ball of beams is slowed (by Stop Watch Stop Watch for instance), the 8 beams fire before being properly aligned.
  • Turns into a winged wheel resembling an Ophan and floats off-screen before charging back towards Isaac, continuing off-screen releasing a radial burst with three layers of feather projectiles with 12 feathers each near the end of the dash. It repeats this attack a total of 6 times.

As Dogma takes more and more damage during this phase, its Seraph form will occasionally flicker into various other forms, these include Isaac's head, a lamb's skull with a serpent in its eye, a fly, and a troll face with horns. This is a purely visual effect.

When Dogma's HP reaches zero for the second time, it is destroyed as the whole screen fades to white before turning off like an old TV. Then Isaac is automatically given Dogma Dogma as the cutscene that introduces The Beast The Beast is played.



Audio for the cutscene preceding Dogma's fight.
Dogma shrieking upon emerging from the television.
The reading of Psalm 23: 1-6 that can be heard over the course of Dogma's first phase.
The sound of Dogma's Brimstone Brimstone laser.
One of the sounds that Dogma emits while firing Godhead Godhead tears.
The sound of Dogma's television breaking.
Dogma transitioning into its second phase.
Dogma preparing to fire light beams.
Dogma spraying a barrage of feathers.
Dogma transforming and preparing to perform the spin attack.
The noise Dogma makes upon defeat.
Audio that plays after defeating Dogma.

Damage Scaling[]

Damage scaling is an unclear mechanic introduced by Nicalis in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth to provide a more challenging experience to the players, enabling some enemies to retaliate against high damage attacks by deploying an "armor" of a sort to greatly reduce the amount of damage taken. Further details and an in-depth explanation may be found here.


  • After the beginning cutscene, Dogma appears very close to Isaac, making it easy to immediately take damage.
  • Having a high speed is highly recommended for the second phase as the charge attack can be almost unavoidable with low speed.
  • Censer Censer makes the second phase more difficult by reducing the space between feathers during Dogma's charging attack while not slowing Dogma itself. It is not recommended for this fight.
  • As the Dogma room is not counted as a Boss room, effects like Blanket Blanket will not occur in this fight.
  • If Isaac has triggered the beginning cutscene, re-entering the room will trigger the Dogma fight immediately.
  • Before beginning the fight, going out and back into the living-room repeatedly while holding Liberty Cap Liberty Cap guarantees to get the best possible effect sooner or later, which can greatly help during the fight.
  • Evil Charm Evil Charm will prevent Isaac from being affected by Dogma's Godhead Godhead aura projectile attack in its first phase.
  • Any effect that lasts for one room won't remain after the fight and won't carry over to the Ultra Harbingers and The Beast fight.


  • A "dogma" is most commonly defined as "A set of rules, beliefs, or opinions laid down by a group, the members of which unquestionably follow".
    • Dogma's portrayal as a being made of static tied to a television heavily implies that it represents the "Christian broadcasts" that Isaac's mother watches. This is further evidenced by the level transition that plays, showing Isaac watching the broadcasts with his mother.
    • Dogma could be interpreted as the Second Beast: The Beast from the Earth. A popular interpretation of this beast is the "False Prophet".
    • The reason why Dogma may have a brimstone attack is the fact that Brimstone can also mean a style of Christian preaching that uses vivid descriptions of judgment and eternal damnation to encourage repentance, which is heavily implied to be what Isaac's Mom follows.
  • Dogma's theme is called "Living in the Light", and is taken directly from one of the many Bible quotes heard during the fight's second phase.
    • The vocals in "Living in the Light" are performed by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans.
    • The OST version of "Living in the Light" plays unique vocals before playing the vocals from the in-game version.
    • The composition of the "Living in the Light" is very similar to Matricide, and shares motifs with tracks Genesis 22:10 and Crusade.
    • The vocals from "Living in the Light" can also be heard in the cutscene that plays prior to fighting The Beast.
  • During Dogma's first phase, a quiet recording of Psalm 23:1-4 can be heard. At the beginning of most of Dogma's attacks, this recording is temporarily made much louder.
  • Dogma is one of the two bosses that have a unique health bar, the other one being Great Gideon Great Gideon.
  • Dogma is the only boss to have a unique level transition and a unique Versus screen sound.
  • Most of Dogma's sprites appear blue in the files. This is because the blue is used to indicate areas that the game should apply the static effect to. This was likely done to avoid making all the sprite files animated, instead simply letting the game apply the effect to designated areas when the time comes to use them.
  • If the player uses Lodestone Lodestone to magnetize Dogma or its TV, the respective sprite will become fuzzy, as if it's having a signal error.
    • Salvation Salvation will also distort Dogma's sprite while the beam of light is charging.
    • The same can be accomplished with Hemoptysis Hemoptysis.
  • If a player defeats Dogma but dies during the Beast fight on the first time fighting Dogma, a unique save file state will appear, showing a Cross similar to the one in the cutscene between the two bosses.
  • Dogma has two unused attacks in the games files. It would have summon Angelic Baby Angelic Babies and a Blackhole.
  • During the Repentance DLC's early development, Isaac was meant to fight a demonic doppleganger of himself, who would grow larger and stronger from every hit. This boss was scrapped and replaced by Dogma.[1]
  • When at lower health in its second form, Dogma will transform into four random images for split seconds: Goat skull with a snake, a housefly, Isaac's face, and a grinning demon face. What these images really mean is unknown.
  • Edmund McMillen noted that Dogma, along with the Tainted Characters and The Beast sequence, were initially reserved for a possible Isaac sequel.


Bug Bug! If the player were to add Dogma into a room via Debug Console and defeat both phases, the cutscene with Isaac and The Beast will play as normal but the game will crash shortly after, due to a sequence break.
Bug Bug! If the player dies at the same time as killing Dogma's second phase and has extra lives that make him respawn outside of the room, the fight will reset to the start when entering the room again. The static transitioning effect that starts at the end of the fight will remain on the screen after reviving, making it very difficult to see anything during the rematch.