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Dingle is a boss that can appear:

He is the boss version of the Dip Dips.


Dingle remains stationary and performs the following attacks:

  • Fires 3 projectiles towards Isaac.
  • Whistles before summoning 1-3 Dips and then fires 3 projectiles at Isaac.
  • Quickly performs 3 long dashes towards Isaac while bouncing off obstacles and walls, after which he pauses to catch his breath.
    • Dips caught in his dashes are knocked back a distance.
    • Occasionally, Dingle will leave behind a Poop Poop while using this attack.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

Added in Afterbirth Black: Dingle summons Spider Spiders instead of Dips and fires eight shots in all directions instead of spitting three at Isaac. He also dashes much faster, but will only dash one time instead of three.
Added in Afterbirth Red: Dingle summons Red Poop Red Poop instead of Dips. He also dashes four times instead of three, though the dashes are shorter and slower. Added in Repentance He also fires blood projectiles instead of poop projectiles, though it is a purely cosmetic effect.



Dingle can spawn in normal or horizontal tiny rooms.

When fighting Dingle, the following obstacles can spawn:

  • Nothing
  • 12 rocks (6 in top-left and 6 in bottom-right corners)
  • 10 poops (3 per upper corner and 2 per bottom corner) + Fly Fly
  • 4 poops (near all corners) + Dip
  • 4 Corny Poop Corny Poops (in all corners) + 2 Added in Afterbirth Dart Fly Dart Flies
  • A tiny room with a special layout.


  • Flush! Flush! kills Dingle instantly and causes him to leave behind 6 Dips.
  • If a Bomb from Butt Bombs Butt Bombs goes off in the same room as Dingle, it will heal him. This is especially bad if Isaac happens to have Added in AfterbirthNumber Two Number Two, which causes him to drop butt bombs while firing tears.
  • If Dingle appears as a boss in the Womb Womb (double trouble), both Dingles will always appear as Black Champions and will spawn alongside two Squirt Squirts and a Dinga Dinga.


  • Added in Afterbirth Dangle Dangle and Added in Afterbirth Brownie Brownie are related to Dingle.
  • The name 'Dingle' derives from the crude term, "dingleberry".
  • Dingle was the first new boss to be shown by Edmund.[1]
  • Dingle is referred to as male by Edmund.[2]
  • There are three other poop monsters: Dinga, Squirt, and Dip.
  • The Black Champion Version of Dingle acts slightly similar to the Dank Squirt and appears to be a "dank" or meconium version of Dingle.
  • Added in Repentance Prior to Repentance, all versions of Dingle could fire blood projectiles instead of just the Red Champion variant.