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Devil Beggar.png

Devil Beggars will pay out with one of these items after being given enough hearts.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Mom's Bottle of Pills 5.100.102
Mom's Bottle of Pills
6 rooms
1 Gives Isaac a random pill.
Added in Afterbirth † Plan C 5.100.475
Plan C
One time use
1 Kills all enemies in the room, then kills Isaac three seconds later.
Added in Afterbirth † Potato Peeler 5.100.487
Potato Peeler
1 Removes a heart container, increases damage and range, and grants a Cube of Meat.
Added in Repentance Forget Me Now 5.100.127
Forget Me Now
One time use
1 On use, re-generates the current floor with a new layout. Isaac loses Forget Me Now, but keeps other items and consumables picked up on the original floor.
Added in Repentance The Nail 5.100.83
The Nail
6 rooms
1 Gives Removed in Repentance one Soul Heart Added in Repentance half a Black Heart. For the current room; +0.7 damage, -0.18 speed, allows Isaac to break rocks and damage enemies by walking over them.
Added in Repentance Razor Blade 5.100.126
Razor Blade
1 On use, takes one heart of health and grants +1.2 damage for the current room.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Ceremonial Robes 5.100.216 Ceremonial Robes 1 Grants 3 Black Hearts, and +1 damage.
Contract From Below 5.100.241 Contract From Below 1 Doubles the number of most room clear awards, but reduces the overall chance of getting one by 1/3.
Experimental Treatment 5.100.240 Experimental Treatment 1 Randomly increases and decreases some of the character's stats.
Gimpy 5.100.225 Gimpy 1 Gives chance of spawning a Soul Heart when taking damage. Enemies have a chance to drop a Half Red Heart after being killed.
Growth Hormones 5.100.70 Growth Hormones 1 +1 damage, +0.4 speed.
Missing Page 2 5.100.262 Missing Page 2 1 Grants one Black Heart. Upon taking damage that reduces Isaac's health to one heart or less, activates 15►The Necronomicon The Necronomicon effect, dealing 40 damage to all enemies in the room.
Mom's Coin Purse 5.100.195 Mom's Coin Purse 1 Spawns 4 random pills near Isaac.
Roid Rage 5.100.14 Roid Rage 1 +0.6 speed, +5.25 range, +0.5 tear height.
Speed Ball 5.100.143 Speed Ball 1 +0.3 speed, +0.2 shot speed.
The Virus 5.100.13 The Virus 1 Inflicts poison to enemies who make contact with Isaac. Speed down. Added in Afterbirth / Removed in RepentancePoisoned enemies have a chance to drop a black heart when killed.
Added in Afterbirth † Euthanasia 5.100.496 Euthanasia 1 Adds a chance to fire needles that instantly kill basic enemies and deal triple damage to bosses. If a needle kills an enemy, it bursts into more tears/needles.
Added in Afterbirth † Little Horn 5.100.503 Little Horn 1 Removed in Repentance Adds a chance to fire a piercing tear that instantly kills any enemy that it touches.
Added in Repentance Adds a chance to fire a tear that summons Big Horn's hand to crush the first enemy it hits, instantly killing monsters or greatly damaging bosses.
Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance Acid Baby 5.100.491 Acid Baby 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a random pill every 3 rooms. Upon using a pill, all enemies in the room are poisoned.
Added in Repentance Abaddon 5.100.230 Abaddon 1 Grants +1.5 damage, +0.2 speed. Removes all Red Heart containers, grants six Black Hearts, and adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Added in Repentance Adrenaline 5.100.493 Adrenaline 1 Increases damage based on how many empty Red Heart containers Isaac has.
Added in Repentance Black Powder 5.100.420 Black Powder 1 Isaac leaves a trail of black powder on the floor. Walking in a circle will spawn a pentagram symbol on the floor, which deals 10 damage per tick to any enemies inside it.
Added in Repentance Dark Bum 5.100.278 Dark Bum 1 Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and collects Red Hearts for himself. For every 1½ Red Hearts collected, Dark Bum will give a Soul Heart, a hostile Spider, a friendly Blue Spider, Added in Repentance or a random card, rune or pill.
Added in Repentance Dark Matter 5.100.259 Dark Matter 1 +1 damage, adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Added in Repentance Empty Heart 5.100.676 Empty Heart 1 If Isaac has an empty heart container, another one is added at the start of each floor.
Added in Repentance Empty Vessel 5.100.409 Empty Vessel 1 Grants two Black Hearts. While Isaac has no red hearts, grants flight and periodically grants an invincibility shield for a few seconds.
Added in Repentance Loki's Horns 5.100.87 Loki's Horns 1 Gives a random chance for projectiles to fire in all 4 cardinal directions.
Added in Repentance Lord of the Pit 5.100.82 Lord of the Pit 1 Grants flight and +0.3 speed.
Added in Repentance The Mark 5.100.79 The Mark 1 Grants one Soul Heart, +1 damage, and +0.2 speed.
Added in Repentance The Pact 5.100.80 The Pact 1 Grants two Soul Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
Added in Repentance Pentagram 5.100.51 Pentagram 1 +1 damage, increases Devil Room / Angel Room chance by 10%.
Added in Repentance A Pound of Flesh 5.100.672 A Pound of Flesh 1 Devil deals now cost coins, shop items now cost health, and consumables in shops are free but surrounded by spikes.
Added in Repentance Spirit of the Night 5.100.159 Spirit of the Night 1 Grants spectral tears and flight.
Added in Repentance Whore of Babylon 5.100.122 Whore of Babylon 1 Grants +1.5 damage and +0.3 speed whenever Isaac has half a red heart or less (one red heart for Eve), ignoring any Soul or Black Hearts.

Added in RepentanceThe Following items have special weights in this Item pool:

  • Lord of the Pit, Spirit of the Night, Abaddon, and Plan C have a weight of 0.2 in the Devil Beggar Pool, making them 80% less likely to appear.
  • Forget Me Now and A Pound of Flesh have a weight of 0.5 in the Devil Beggar Pool, making them 50% less likely to appear.

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