Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

The debug console is accessible in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † and The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. It is an extremely useful way to verify a particular game mechanic, explore a seed, test launch options, or test various things about the game. Or, if you are a mod developer, you can use it to quickly test various things in your mods. It is inaccessable on Console Editions.

Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance The debug console is only accessible if one or more mods are enabled. If you don't have any mods to enable, download one from Steam Workshop, or simply create an empty folder in your mods directory. Note that achievements will be disabled if Mom Mom has not been defeated on the savefile, and consequently unlocks will not happen, donation machines can't be filled nor will the item collection page record anything. While many "enable debug console" mods exist on Steam Workshop, these do not explicitly enable the console or are required to enable it. ANY mod will enable the console, regardless of what the mod is named.

Added in Repentance The debug console is only accessible by editing options.ini in the configuration directory and setting the EnableDebugConsole option to 1.

The directory which contains the game data and mods directories varies by OS and, where appropriate, compatibility layer.

  • Windows: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games
    • Windows 11: Searching for Users folder may be required first
  • Linux native: ~/.local/share
  • Linux, via Proton: /path/to/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/250900/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Documents/My Games
  • Mac OS native: ~/Library/Application Support/Binding of Isaac Rebirth

The directory names within that directory are as follows:

  • Configuration & save data:
    • Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+
    • binding of isaac afterbirth+ (Linux native)
    • Binding of Isaac Repentance
  • Mods:
    • Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods
    • binding of isaac afterbirth+ mods (Linux native)

Using the Debug Console[]

To open the console, press the grave/tilde (~) key while in a run, or the appropriate key according to the keyboard used, as shown below.

Language Keyboard Key
English (US) QWERTY ` (grave) or ~
English (UK) QWERTY ' (apostrophe) or @
Danish QWERTY æ
Estonian QWERTY ü
Finnish QWERTY ö
French AZERTY ù
German QWERTZ ö
Hebrew /'קראט ;
Hungarian QWERTZ ö
Icelandic QWERTY æ
Italian QWERTY ò
Japanese QWERTY @
Portuguese QWERTY ' or ç
Russian (Русский) ЙЦУКЕН ё
Spanish QWERTY ñ
Swedish QWERTY ö
Swiss QWERTZ " ] !
Turkish QWERTY "
Turkish FGĞIOD +

To hide the console, hit Enter without typing anything or Esc.

Pressing the up arrow key will bring up the last command used.

Pressing the down arrow key will clear the command line.

Listed Commands[]

Commands are listed below in the order that they appear ingame.

Name Syntax Description
Removed in Repentance achievement
achievement 300
achievement meconium
achievement *
Unlocks the achievement of the specified id.

WARNING: This CANNOT be undone, and will unlock steam achievements!

challenge 20
Starts a new run on a random seed on the given challenge id.

0 will start a run without any challenge active.

WARNING: Starting a run in an invalid challenge will crash the game!

Clears the console. Useful for video recording purposes or if you want to dispose of incriminating evidence.
Unknown. Possibly related to player cache flags.
Removes all easter egg effects from the current run.
combo 0.69
Gives you an amount of random items from a specified item pool.

The decimal format's syntax is as follows:

[itempool #].[number of random items]
copy 3
Copies a specified amount of previous console commands to your clipboard.

The commands can be pasted into a text editor and/or into the game again, triggering the commands which have been copied.

costumetest 33
Gives Isaac a random amount of random costumes, without having the associated items.

A number can be provided to gain a specific amount of random costumes.

curse 2
curse 16
curse 127
Sets a value corresponding to the sum of the desired curses.

Removed in Repentance Doesn't work.

cutscene 1
Plays the specified cutscene.
debug 8
Enables various cheats. Click Expand to view the full details.
  • debug 1: "Entity Positions" - Draws a marker on the screen at the position of each entity.
  • debug 2: "Grid" - Shows the ID of grid entities on screen. (Seems to be bugged, as most grid entities appear as 1000 or simply don't match their true id.)
  • debug 3: "Infinite HP" - Taking damage does not decrease the player's health.
  • debug 4: "High Damage" - +40 damage
  • debug 5: "Show Room Info" - Displays text at the bottom of the screen about the current room.
  • debug 6: Added in Afterbirth † "Textual Map" - Unknown, no visible effect.
  • debug 6: Added in Repentance "Show Hitspheres" - Draws red circles on the screen that represent an entity's damage hitbox.
  • debug 7: "Show Damage Values" - Displays how much damage is taken by entities. (Similar to Added in AfterbirthSpider Mod Spider Mod, but leaves the damage as their raw values and also includes player damage.)
  • debug 8: "Infinite Item Charges" - Isaac's active item is always fully charged.
  • debug 9: "High Luck" - +50 luck
  • debug 10: "Quick Kill" - All enemies take constant and rapid damage.
  • debug 11: "Grid Info" - Displays the coordinates for each square on the grid.
  • debug 12: Added in Repentance "Player Item Info" - Displays held collectibles and temporary collectible effects.
  • debug 13: Added in Repentance "Show Grid Collision Points" - Draws red circles on the screen that represent an entity's collision hitbox.
Added in Repentance delirious
delirious 1
This guarantees the next boss chosen when using Added in Afterbirth †Delirious Delirious (for debugging purposes).
Unlocks all Easter Eggs in the menu.

WARNING: This CANNOT be undone!

giveitem dr. fetus
giveitem c15
giveitem Petrified Poop
giveitem t15
giveitem ipec
giveitem mutant sp
g soy milk
giveitem p0
g p22
giveitem k1
giveitem c6
g k45
Gives items, trinkets, cards, and pills.

Ids are prefixed with c for items, t for trinkets, p for pill effects, and k for cards. Runes and other pocket items use card ids.

goto d.10
goto s.error.21
goto 9 5 1
Teleports Isaac to room layouts which are possible to generate in the current floor.
  • The "d.[number]" syntax means a "normal" room with the corresponding number as a variant.
  • The "s.[type].[number]" syntax means a special room of the specified type and variant.
  • The "[number] [number] [number]" syntax means to go to the existing room at the specified coordinates. The first number is the X coordinate, the second number is the Y coordinate, and the third number is the dimension, which corresponds to the Dimension enum.

The first two goto formats will put Isaac in the GridRooms.ROOM_DEBUG_IDX (-1) room. Attempting to enter a room that does not exist will print the message "Error changing room." to the console.

gridspawn 1000
gridspawn 1494
gridspawn 9000
gridspawn 9100
gridspawn 1000 28
Spawns a grid entity with the given ID at a random place in the room.

The secondary argument is optional and can be used to set the grid square id where the grid entity will be spawned. The ids can be seen with the "debug 11" command.

Prints to the console a list of all items in Isaac's possession, and how many of each.
lua print("Hello World!")

l for _,v in pairs(Isaac.GetRoomEntities()) do if v.MaxHitPoints > 0 then print(v.HitPoints.."/"..v.MaxHitPoints) end end
Directly runs a line of Lua code.

The first example simply prints "Hello World!" to the console, while the second prints the current HP and max HP of every entity that has hitpoints. There are also further Lua debug snippets leveraging the Modding API to find out information about otherwise hidden details.

Reports memory usage for Lua.
luamod mygreatmod
Takes a mod folder name and runs the main.lua for it. This can be used to reload a mod without relaunching the game.
luarun /full_path/hello.lua
luarun relative_path/hello.lua
Takes a path to a lua file and runs it immediately. Paths are relative to the folder where the game is installed.
macro mom
macro momh
macro hush
macro bigchest
macro hud
macro fc
macro ms
macro mss
macro ug
macro ugg
macro qk
macro beast
Triggers a set of commands. Click Expand to view the full details.
stage 6
g Bible
g k5
debug 3
debug 4
stage 8
g Bible
g k5
debug 3
debug 4
stage 9
g k5
combo 0.8
combo 2.8
combo 1.3
combo 4.3
stage 10a
g Polaroid
g Negative
debug 3
debug 4
g Mutant
g Soy
giveitem Belt
repeat 5
giveitem Lord of the Pit
debug 10
g k5
giveitem Dead Cat
repeat 2
giveitem Guppy's Collar
giveitem MEAT!
repeat 12
giveitem Compass
giveitem Blue Map
giveitem Treasure Map
giveitem Baggy
giveitem p2
giveitem p3
giveitem Purse
giveitem Paper Clip
giveitem Petrified
giveitem My Little Unicorn
  • fc: Gives Isaac Soy Milk Soy Milk, Iron Bar Iron Bar, Mom's Pad Mom's Pad, activates debug flags for infinite health, unlimited charges and high luck. Was used for testing the fear status effect.
debug 3
debug 8
debug 9
giveitem Soy
giveitem Bar
giveitem Pad
goto s.boss.5000
goto s.boss.5000
giveitem Soy
giveitem Mutant
debug 3
debug 4
  • ug: Teleports Isaac to Chest Chest and attempts to load boss room with id 6000 which does not exist. Was used for Ultra Greed testing.
    • Added in Repentance Room with id 6000 is now used so the macro teleports Isaac to it instead.
stage 11a
goto s.boss.6000
stage 11a
goto s.boss.6000
giveitem Sad Onion
giveitem Sad Onion
giveitem Torn
giveitem Torn
giveitem Mutant
giveitem Pentagram
giveitem A Dollar
giveitem Pyro
debug 3
giveitem Belt
repeat 5
giveitem Lord of the Pit
giveitem Treasure Map
giveitem Blue Map
giveitem Compass
giveitem Black Candle
giveitem X-Ray
giveitem We Need to Go Deeper
debug 8
giveitem Dollar
giveitem Pyro
giveitem Skeleton Key
debug 3
debug 10
  • Removed in Repentance sg: Unusable, crashes the game on any game mode.
    • Added in Repentance This macro was removed.

  • Added in Repentance beast: Teleports Isaac to the Home Home, loads Added in Repentance The Beast The Beast fight room, then gives Isaac 8 treasure room items, 8 boss items and 3 angel room items. This macro has been added after the initial release.
stage 13
goto x.itemdungeon.666
combo 0.8
combo 2.8
combo 4.3
Added in Repentance metro
metro c1
This guarantees the next item chosen when using Added in Afterbirth †Metronome Metronome (for debugging purposes).
playsfx 1
playsfx 1 0.5
Plays the specified sound effect id. Pitch can be specified in the second argument.
Used to log some information to csv file in the working directory (game folder by default). Doesn't work anymore.
Stops csv file logging, doesn't work anymore.
remove t53
remove soy milk
remove cursed eye
r bob's brain
r experi
remove *
Removes items.

An asterisk (*) can be input to remove one copy of all items and trinkets from Isaac.

Added in Repentance reloadfx
Reloads the floor effects layer (overlays).
Reloads the graphical shaders. (Has no discernible in-game effect.)
spawn 10
repeat 50
giveitem meat!
repeat 100
repeat 100
Repeats the last given command a number of times. Caps at 10000 repeats.
Generates a new layout for the current floor with a new floor seed.
restart 6
Resets the game back to the beginning of a new run.

A number can be provided to start a new run as a specific character.

WARNING: Starting a run as an invalid character can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game! List of valid characters:

Character ID
Isaac 0
Magdalene 1
Cain 2
Judas 3
Blue Baby 4
Eve 5
Samson 6
Azazel 7
Lazarus 8
Eden 9
The Lost 10
Lazarus Risen 11
Dark Judas 12
Lilith 13
Keeper 14
Apollyon 15
The Forgotten And The Soul 16
The Soul And The Forgotten (Start as The Soul) 17
Bethany 18
Jacob And Esau 19
Only Esau 20
Tainted Isaac 21
Tainted Magdalene 22
Tainted Cain 23
Tainted Judas 24
Tainted Blue Baby 25
Tainted Eve 26
Tainted Samson 27
Tainted Azazel 28
Tainted Lazarus 29
Tainted Eden 30
Tainted Lost 31
Tainted Lilith 32
Tainted Keeper 33
Tainted Apollyon 34
Tainted Forgotten And Soul 35
Tainted Bethany 36
Tainted Jacob 37
Dead Tainted Lazarus
(Can't swap to Tainted Lazarus; pocket Flip still works on items)
Tainted Jacob Ghostly 39
Tainted Soul (Can't attack) 40
seed T1MM AY48
Starts a new run with the inputted seed.
spawn mega maw
spawn 20
spawn 10.1
Spawns an entity at the center of the room.

The decimal format's syntax is as follows:


WARNING: Spawning invalid entities can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game!

WARNING: Using the "spawn coplayer" command will crash the game and can sometimes corrupt save data!

stage 1
stage 10a
stage 3b
Teleports Isaac to another floor.

Letters appended to the stage numbers give different alternate versions, e.g. 1 for Basement, 1a for Cellar, 1b for Burning Basement, Added in Repentance 1c for Downpour and 1d for Dross.

Letters not matching to any alternate stage are ignored.

WARNING: Entering non-existent floors can lead to unexpected results and can crash the game! E.g. floors 14 +15.

Prints the total amount of time passed on the run (based on "game" frames / the in-game timer).

Unlisted Commands[]

These commands do not appear in the console but can still be used.

Name Syntax Description
Added in Repentance addplayer
addplayer 1
addplayer 6 1
Spawns a new player entity (Isaac by default) with controls set to id 0 by default. You can specify player type and controller id in the command. If the player type is -1, the game will instead assign control to a random enemy in the room, similarly to the Friend Finder Friend Finder item.
Added in Repentance forceroom
forceroom s.boss.1010
Allows to set any room as "forced room". Said room gets weight of 1000, making it easier for it to appear on floor with reseed command. There are many situations where it would not work though (e.g. if room has lots of disabled doors or difficulty does not allow it to appear).
Added in Repentance giveitem2


giveitem2 c105
g2 ipecac
Same as giveitem but for a secondary character such as Esau.
Added in Repentance netdelay
netdelay 2
Changes network delay to a specified value. Can be useful if you see stutters during online gameplay.
Added in Repentance netstart
netstart <steam_user_id1> <steam_user_id2> <steam_user_id3>
Connects player(s) with specified Steam ID to your game (online multiplayer). Allows up to 4 players. You can also use aliases if you add them in steamids.txt file in your local savedata (where options.ini is stored) folder in following format:
alias id
alias id
alias id

You and all other players should have Repentance opened (with --networktest parameter specified when launching the game). Can be unstable at times, so be careful.

Added in Repentance remove2


remove2 c1
r2 soy milk
Same as remove but for a secondary character such as Esau.
Added in Repentance reloadwisps
Reloads wisps spawned by Book of Virtues Book of Virtues and locusts spawned by Abyss Abyss.
Restocks all shops.
Added in Repentance rewind
Makes the game forget about the changes in current room and teleports Isaac back to previous room. Can be used to fix desynchronization issues if you use this command in a room where it happened. (Glowing Hourglass-like effect)
Added in Repentance testbosspool
Prints a list of boss names and percentage chance (100%=10000) for current floor.

Unused Commands[]

Name Description
Removed in Repentance prof Used to start profiling and write data to a table file in the working directory (game files location). Was removed because of sandbox security concerns.
Removed in Repentance profstop Used to stop profiling. Was removed because of sandbox security concerns.

Delirious Bosses[]

The delirious command uses the following ID mapping:

ID Description
0 None
1 Monstro Monstro
2 Larry Jr. Larry Jr.
3 Chub Chub
4 Gurdy Gurdy
5 Monstro II Monstro II
6 Scolex Scolex
7 Famine Famine
8 Pestilence Pestilence
9 War War
10 Death Death
11 The Duke of Flies The Duke of Flies
12 Peep Peep
13 Loki Loki
14 Blastocyst Blastocyst
15 Gemini Gemini
16 Fistula Fistula
17 Gish Gish
18 Steven Steven
19 C.H.A.D. C.H.A.D.
20 The Headless Horseman The Headless Horseman
21 The Fallen The Fallen
22 The Hollow The Hollow
23 Carrion Queen Carrion Queen
24 Gurdy Jr. Gurdy Jr.
25 The Husk The Husk
26 The Bloat The Bloat
27 Lokii Lokii
28 Blighted Ovum Blighted Ovum
29 Teratoma Teratoma
30 Widow Widow
31 Mask of Infamy Mask of Infamy
32 The Wretched The Wretched
33 Pin Pin
34 Conquest Conquest
35 Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long Legs
36 Triachnid Triachnid
37 The Haunt The Haunt
38 Dingle Dingle
39 Mega Maw Mega Maw
40 The Gate The Gate
41 Mega Fatty Mega Fatty
42 The Cage The Cage
43 Mama Gurdy Mama Gurdy
44 Dark One Dark One
45 The Adversary The Adversary
46 Polycephalus Polycephalus
47 Mr. Fred Mr. Fred
48 Mega Satan Mega Satan
49 Gurglings Gurglings
50 Added in Afterbirth The Stain The Stain
51 Added in Afterbirth Brownie Brownie
52 Added in Afterbirth The Forsaken The Forsaken
53 Added in Afterbirth Little Horn Little Horn
54 Added in Afterbirth Rag Man Rag Man
55 Added in Afterbirth Hush Hush
56 Added in Afterbirth Dangle Dangle
57 Added in Afterbirth Turdlings Turdlings
58 Added in Afterbirth The Frail The Frail
59 Added in Afterbirth † Rag Mega Rag Mega
60 Added in Afterbirth † Sisters Vis Sisters Vis
61 Added in Afterbirth † Big Horn Big Horn


  • Added in Repentance In Repentance, going to non-standard stages will crash the game.
  • Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance In Afterbirth+, going to non-standard stages will crash the game, with the exception of stage 13. It consists of 2x1 vertical rooms that have doors that only sometimes close, minimal enemies (usually a few of the same type), and uses Caves Caves background. The music is a single layer of either the ??? ???, Cellar Cellar, Basement Basement or the Burning Basement Burning Basement music, and only plays when enemies are in the room. The boss is always The Duke of Flies The Duke of Flies, and no trapdoor or items spawn when the boss is defeated.
    • Stage 13a is the same, but with Depths Depths background. The boss is always Monstro II Monstro II.
    • Stage 13b is the same, but with Womb Womb background. The boss is always The Duke of Flies The Duke of Flies.
    • The enemy spawn patterns are the same as the waves in Greed mode, suggesting that this stage is used to store the waves in the game.
    • The name display while holding Tab on PC/Back on Xbox 360/Touchpad or L2 on PS4/Minus on Switch will show up their respective overlay's stage name, but without the I or II, e.g. Normally it's Caves II, but in this stage is referred to only Caves, just like Cathedral Cathedral, Sheol Sheol, ??? ???, Chest Chest, Dark Room Dark Room and The Void The Void, i.e Chapters 4.5 and above.
  • Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance Entering "stage 8" in Greed or Greedier mode will grant access to The Void The Void. The rooms have random backdrops and the music is the same as The Void in regular mode, but the boss is Added in Afterbirth Ultra Greed Ultra Greed and will drop the Final Boss Chest. Entering The Chest will play the final ending instead of ending 18 or 19.
  • Added in Repentance In Greed/Greedier Mode, there are odd, secret additional stage layouts that use Stage IDs further than 8, and are variants of existing floors. Some are based off the new Repentance path's floors. Stage 8 is a blank floor with no walls and music, Stage 9 is the Ultra Greed floor but with ??? ???'s doorways, stage 10 is the Ultra Greed floor but with a sick-green and cleaner version of Dross Dross and stage 11 is the Ultra Greed floor with the backdrop of Mausoleum Mausoleum.
    • Any further values will crash the game.
    • There are some that use the 'a' and 'b' ID variation, and are alternate versions of the existing but some are of the hidden floors.
      • Stage 5a will have the Sheol Sheol backdrop with a light effect coming from above, and entering Stage 5b is the same as the Stage 5a, but the backdrop's walls can be a little bit brighter, or as dim as the original Stage 5's.
      • Stage 6b and 7b will have the The Shop The Shop/Ultra Greed Ultra Greed backdrop with a warmer color than normal Stage 6 and 7. Stage 6c and 7c will have the The Shop The Shop/Ultra Greed Ultra Greed backdrop but with a blue tint.
      • Stage 8a is the same Stage 8, but can have the floor of the Basement Basement.
      • Stage 8b can be the same Stage 7b but can sometimes come with no music at all.
      • Stage 9a comes with a random backdrop and the music of The Void The Void, but it has the doorways of ??? ???. The Final Boss Chest will play ending 20 instead of Ending 18 or 19 depending on the mode selected.
      • Stage 9b comes with a brownish version of Downpour Downpour's backdrop. It has the doorways of ??? ???.
      • Stage 10a has the backdrop of the Mines Mines.
      • Stage 10b comes with a reddish version of the Ashpit Ashpit's backdrop.
      • Stage 11a has the backdrop of Gehenna Gehenna.
      • Stage 11b comes with a reddish version of Corpse Corpse's backdrop.
  • Attempting to give yourself all the items using "giveitem *" will print the message "What are you trying to do?" to the console and will give nothing.
  • Monster champion types go up to 48590, with anything beyond the 24 used types resulting in a monster that has double (maximum) HP, no other special abilities and often exotic color palettes not normally seen. Any higher will crash the game.
    • Added in Repentance Champions types above the 26 defined ones are mostly invisible and have no clear upper number, but may cause a crash at any time.


Bug Bug! If a champion is spawned via the "spawn" command, it will have the same amount of health as the non-champion version of that monster, unless the spawned champion variant has decreased amount of health.
Bug Bug! If the player has debug 10 enabled and starts the sequence to begin the Dogma fight, Dogma will instantly die without continuing the sequence, softlocking Isaac in the room without returning control to the player. This is fixed after exiting and continuing the game.
Bug Bug! Using the "rewind" command removes all broken hearts on The Soul The Soul if there are any.