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This article is about the conditions that will kill Isaac. For the Death tarot card, see Cards and Runes. For the boss, see Death (Boss).

Death occurs when Isaac runs out of health. There are multiple ways to cause this.

As long as Isaac has health of any type (Red, Black, Soul, Bone, Rotten, or Coin hearts) left, they will not be killed, except if Isaac only has an Eternal Heart, though this is impossible.

Extra Lives[ | ]

Typically, when Isaac dies, the game over screen appears; however, there are certain revival items, characters, and abilities that can resurrect Isaac after death. It is possible to obtain extra lives throughout a run by picking up various items. When Isaac dies (on most ocasions), they will be revived in the previous room under the new life. Below is a list of these items and special death / extra life conditions that they bestow; take note that reviving as a different character than your current one gives any further Completion Marks to the new one, and the transformation may change stats if the new character has different base values. The order of revives is independent of order of item pickup, determined by the list below from highest to lowest placing:

(in Repentance)Soul of Lazarus[ | ]

When a Soul of LazarusSoul of Lazarus is used, Isaac immediately dies and is revived in the same room at half a heart and given some invincibility time. Alternatively, if Isaac dies while holding the stone, it is automatically used upon taking the fatal hit, acting as another life (still has the same effect as if it was used manually). If used manually, it does not count as taking damage, so any positive or negative effects associated with taking damage are not triggered.

1up![ | ]

The Collectible 1up! icon1up! grants Isaac an extra life. Upon death of the previous life, Isaac will be revived with full Red Heart containers. If he lacks any, he will revive with one Half Soul Heart. For characters that can't use Red hearts, they will respawn with 3 of their respective heart type (Soul Hearts for Character ??? (Character) icon???, Character The Soul (Character) iconThe Soul, Character Tainted ??? iconTainted ???, Character Tainted Soul iconTainted Soul, and Character Tainted Bethany iconTainted Bethany, Black Hearts for (in Repentance) Character Dark Judas iconDark Judas and Character Tainted Judas iconTainted Judas, and Bone Hearts for Character The Forgotten iconThe Forgotten).

Lazarus and Lazarus' Rags[ | ]

While holding Collectible Lazarus' Rags iconLazarus' Rags or playing as Character Lazarus iconLazarus, the player will be revived as Character Lazarus Risen iconLazarus Risen with 1 Red Heart container. Note that unlike other items, the Rags will revive Isaac on the spot with brief invincibility, as opposed to in the previous room.

Dead Cat[ | ]

Collectible Dead Cat iconDead Cat grants Isaac nine extra lives. Isaac will be revived with one Red Heart container unless playing as Character ??? (Character) icon??? or Character Tainted Judas iconTainted Judas, where he will be revived with one soul heart/black heart.

(in Repentance)Inner Child[ | ]

Collectible Inner Child iconInner Child grants Isaac another life. Upon death, Isaac respawns in the same room with half a heart left, a massive size down, and +0.2 speed. If Isaac has any heart containers, he will respawn with half a heart container filled; otherwise he will respawn with half a soul heart.

Guppy's Collar[ | ]

Collectible Guppy's Collar iconGuppy's Collar grants Isaac a 50% chance to be revived with one Red Heart container half-filled. If he lacks any, he will be revived at half a Soul Heart instead. If the collar fails to activate, any other items after Guppy's Collar will be checked. The revives from Guppy's Collar are seeded per death.

Ankh[ | ]

The Collectible Ankh iconAnkh revives Isaac as ??? with 3 Soul Hearts.

Broken Ankh[ | ]

When held, Broken AnkhBroken Ankh has a 2/9 chance to resurrect Isaac as ??? with 3 Soul Hearts. The revives from Broken Ankh are seeded per death.

Judas' Shadow[ | ]

Collectible Judas' Shadow iconJudas' Shadow revives Isaac as Character Dark Judas iconDark Judas with 2 Black Hearts.

(except in Rebirth)Missing Poster[ | ]

While holding this trinket Isaac will be revived as Character The Lost iconThe Lost and Missing PosterMissing Poster will be removed. If already playing as The Lost or (in Repentance) Character Tainted Lost iconTainted Lost, Isaac will respawn as normal in the previous room.

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! Quitting the game before the death animation is completed does not allow the player to continue the run, but does not add a death on the stats screen.