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Dead Sea Scrolls is an activated item.

Effect[ | ]

When used, a random activated item effect will be activated from the following:

Notes[ | ]

  • When Bob's Rotten Head or Shoop Da Whoop! is chosen, Dead Sea Scrolls will not lose its charge until said item is thrown or released.
    • This allows Isaac to press Spacebar again if need be to skip over said items in the rotation while keeping full charge, allowing it to be used again for a different effect.
      • This doesn't work if Bethany has Soul Charges and Book of Virtues.
  • It may be helpful to use Dead Sea Scrolls upon entering an enemy room, as many of its effects such as The Gamekid and Tammy's Head are helpful in combat.
  • As many of Dead Sea Scrolls effects involve explosions, using it near Tinted Rocks or potential Secret RoomSecret Room entrances can potentially be helpful when low on bombs.

Synergies[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Each wisp spawned has the attributes of the active item that was triggered.

Interactions[ | ]

  • (except in Rebirth)Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: Two effects are activated, with only one being named on screen.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of 981 Hellenistic-period manuscripts found within caves on the north shore of the Dead Sea.
    • The pickup quote "It's a mystery" references the item's effect, as well as the fact that the real Dead Sea Scrolls are so tattered and eroded that reading them can prove impossible.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! If an effect triggers and adds to the character's appearance while being held (Collectible Monstro's Tooth iconMonstro's Tooth or Collectible Kamikaze! iconKamikaze! for example), the additional visual effects will remain for the rest of the game or until they are replaced.