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Dead Cat is a passive item.



  • In the context of a Devil Deal,
    • Taking Dead Cat with 1 or 2 heart containers won't kill Isaac because taking Dead Cat will set your health to 1, saving him from the death that would have resulted from having no heart containers.
      • This means that you should always take Dead Cat if he only has one heart container, since Isaac won't gain or lose any heart containers, essentially making it free.
    • If you plan on getting Dead Cat from a Devil Room, then Isaac can exploit the extra lives and the fact that Isaac can get it for free at one heart container to get the other Devil Deals in the current Devil Room for free. Here's the process: If Isaac doesn't already have one heart container, then make deals until he has one heart container. When Isaac has one heart container, purchase Dead Cat. After purchasing Dead Cat, you can then sacrifice a life to get another Devil Deal. Since spending Dead Cat's extra life will revive Isaac in the antecedent room, (the boss room) choose wisely because the Devil Room entrance may or may not still be there when Isaac gets revived.
      • Do note that Dead Cat is 4th on the Resurrection Item Queue, meaning that Added in RepentanceSoul of Lazarus Soul of Lazarus, 15►1up! 1up!, and Lazarus Lazarus' innate extra life will trigger instead of Dead Cat.
      • Added in RepentanceThis strategy is irrelevant to The Lost The Lost because they can only take one Devil Deal from a Devil Room with The Lost.
      • Removed in RepentanceThis strategy is irrelevant to The Lost The Lost since they can't die from taking a Devil Deal as The Lost.
  • Dying in the Boss Rush arena will revive Isaac inside the Mom boss room, allowing him to retry the Boss Rush if it's still open.
    • The Boss Rush door will only be open if the run timer is less than 20 minutes. If the run timer has passed 20 minutes, then Isaac cannot retry the Boss Rush.
    • As The Lost The Lost, failing the Boss Rush with Dead Cat on purpose is a good idea. Isaac can trade one of Dead Cat's nine lives for one of the items that appear in the start of the Boss Rush. Isaac isn't forced to initiate the Boss Rush, so he can safely leave if you don't see any items you want. Isaac isn't forced to retry the Boss Rush, so Isaac can just take the item and escape regardless if he wins or not.
      • If you aren't playing as The Lost The Lost, then failing the Boss Rush on purpose is very risky since Isaac's heart containers will be set to 1 after spending the life. This is particularly terrible because going to the next chapter will make all sources of damage that only deal half a heart of damage deal a full heart of damage instead, meaning Isaac will always die in one hit unless Isaac can generate soul hearts. You shouldn't rely on searching for soul hearts either since tinted rocks are much harder to spot in the Womb Womb, and shops and treasure rooms don't appear anymore in this chapter
  • Taking Dead Cat as Keeper Keeper will reduce his total number of health coins down to one, meaning he will die upon taking any damage at all. Unless Keeper has immediate access to a Health Up item, it is not recommended to take Dead Cat as the Keeper.


  • This item can drop from Super Pride.
  • Resurrection items activate in a set order. Dead Cat is 4th in this order after Added in RepentanceSoul of Lazarus Soul of Lazarus, 15►1up! 1up!, and Lazarus Lazarus' extra life.
  • Removed in Afterbirth Picking this up as The Lost The Lost would not show the number of remaining lives, but will still function.
  • Added in Afterbirth † If picked up as The Forgotten The Forgotten, his bone hearts are reduced but The Soul The Soul's soul hearts remain unaffected. The reverse is also true.
  • Taking Dead Cat through a deal with the Devil while at one heart will still leave Isaac with one heart.
  • The lives are added after the "picking up an item" animation has ended, so characters that die while the animation is playing will not be revived by this item.
  • Removed in RepentanceThe effects of the 15►D4 D4, 15►D100 D100, 15►Missing No. Missing No., or 1- or 6-Pip Dice Room will not remove the lives granted by this item.
  • Deaths do not count towards the statistics if Isaac still has extra lives.
  • Additional Dead Cats can be picked up during a run, increasing lives well past 9. Only the first dead cat counts toward becoming Guppy.
  • Picking up Dead Cat when the player has 0 Red Heart containers and greater than 11 Soul Hearts can cause the player to go over the normal 12 cap by up to 1 heart temporarily.
  • Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance This item counts as 9 items, so if the player is game on trying for an early portal to The Void The Void after beating Mom, this will significantly boost the progress closer to 20 items.
  • Added in RepentanceDuring The Beast fight losing a life will not spawn Isaac at the beginning of the room, he will instead respawn after a brief instant without losing progress.
  • Added in RepentanceIf Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau take the item, only the character who takes it will be set to one heart container on pickup. But if they die, both are resurrected with one heart container.
  • Added in Repentance Dead Cat cannot appear in game while playing as Tainted Lost Tainted Lost.
  • Added in RepentanceIf Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob takes this item after being touched by Dark Esau, he will return to his previous health total upon reaching the next floor.
    • Dying as Tainted Jacob after being touched by Dark Esau and carrying this item will respawn him in the previous room in his lost form. Making it to the next floor will still return him to his previous health total. It is thus better to die in lost form with this item, to preserve your health total.
  • Added in RepentanceDying to Mother's Shadow will end the run even if more than 1 live remains.


  • 15►Guppy's Paw Guppy's Paw: After spending a life, Isaac can convert his single heart container into 3 soul hearts, allowing him to get much more out of his nine lives.
    • This can be paired with the 15►Converter Converter to get Isaac back to full heart containers after dying.
    • This synergy doesn't work with characters that can't have heart containers (??? ???, Tainted Judas Tainted Judas, Dark Judas Dark Judas, and The Lost The Lost) for obvious reasons.
  • Added in Afterbirth15►Diplopia Diplopia: Isaac gains 18 extra lives in total.
  • Gold Hearts: Gives Isaac many coins when picked up, due to the amount of hearts lost.
  • Suicide King Suicide King: Allows Isaac to spend lives to use Suicide King to generate pickups and items.
    • Suicide King + 15►Blank Card Blank Card: Allows Isaac to repeatedly use the Suicide King.

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  • The 9 lives gained by the item is a reference to a myth that cats have 9 lives.
  • The Dead Cat shares the same tuxedo type bicolor fur with Guppy.



PC Removed in Afterbirth R96W PFVJ (Dead Cat, Guppy's Head, and Guppy's Collar all on the first floor in the Curse Room)

PC Removed in Afterbirth G6GE 0GFV (Curse Room adjacent to spawn, found in Red Chest along with Guppy's Paw)

PS4 Vita G6GE 0GFV (Curse Room adjacent to spawn, found in Red Chest along with Guppy's Paw)

Switch MW2N WAJC (Curse Room adjacent to spawn, found in Red Chest)

Switch KEBM C08G (Second floor Devil Room)


Bug Bug! Added in Repentance Dead Cat will grant unlimited lives to Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau when picked up by Esau.
Bug Bug! Added in Repentance If picked up as ??? ???, Dark Judas Dark Judas, Tainted Judas Tainted Judas, Tainted ??? Tainted ???, Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten or Tainted Bethany Tainted Bethany while in possession of bone hearts, the health bar may become glitched. The actual health amount is correctly set to 1 soul/black heart + all bone hearts, but some of the bone hearts are incorrectly displayed as half soul hearts depending on the situation before picking up Dead Cat. The glitch is only cosmetic and will resolve itself after taking damage, picking up health or touching an item.

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