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Darkness   Falls
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Full red heartFull red heart
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Challenge Number
Available Rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Satan.png
Unlock Method

Darkness Falls Removed in Repentance Defeat Mom's Heart 11 times
Added in Repentance Defeat Satan and ??? as Eve Eve

Darkness Falls is challenge #4. Eve Eve is the default character for this challenge, and she starts the challenge with 15►Pentagram Pentagram, 15►Dead Bird Dead Bird, 15►Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon, 15►Razor Blade Razor Blade, 15►Sacrificial Dagger Sacrificial Dagger, and 15►Dark Matter Dark Matter. The goal is to defeat Satan. This Challenge is unlocked once It Lives, Eve Eve and the 15►Sacrificial Dagger Sacrificial Dagger are unlocked.


This challenge focuses on a high risk, high reward style of play. When low on health, Eve can inflict more damage. As a result, the majority of the challenge will be spent in a near-death state.


  • Since the player is playing as Eve, Whore of Babylon will activate when having 1 Red Heart or less, rather than 1/2. Since she starts with 2 hearts, the Razor Blade can activate this effect immediately.
    • Because the Razor Blade inflicts damage, using it will also activate the Dead Bird.
  • Sacrificial Dagger and Dark Matter can be used together. The fear effect can drive enemies away, allowing Eve to chase and kill them with the dagger.
  • Making one Devil deal can permanently activate Whore of Babylon. However, this can put Eve in a very dangerous position with only one Red Heart. A 15►Dark Bum Dark Bum can produce Soul Hearts, which can allow Eve to maintain a buffer of health while maintaining the Whore of Babylon's effect.
  • Since all of the starting items are from the Devil Room pool, Eve has a much higher chance to get some of the stronger items such as 15►Mom's Knife Mom's Knife or 15►Brimstone Brimstone. As such, opening the Devil Room as often as possible should be a priority.
    • Also, to prevent Angel Rooms from appearing later on in the run, it is advised to take the first Devil Deal encountered.


  • Added in Afterbirth † Killing Delirium will count as completing the challenge.
  • To unlock the challenge, the save file must have everything used by this challenge unlocked on top of defeating Mom's Heart 11 times. This means one must unlock Eve Eve herself first, and then defeat both Satan and ??? as Eve to unlock both the 15►Razor Blade Razor Blade and 15►Sacrificial Dagger Sacrificial Dagger respectively.

Unlockable Achievements[]

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