Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Dark One is a boss that can appear:


  • Sends out a ring of 12 projectiles.
  • If Isaac is below him, fires a Brimstone Brimstone laser downwards.
  • Charges twice across the screen, veering slowly towards Isaac while charging. When going off-screen, he reappears from the opposite end of the screen. Dark One will do this attack more often if Isaac moves to one of his sides.
  • Dims the room, causing the Curse of Darkness.png Curse of Darkness effect for a period of time.



3DS If Dark One dims the room, pause the game and the dim will eventually go away while still in the pause screen.


  • The Adversary The Adversary is the posthumous version of him.
    • Added in Repentance One of Dark One's horns is cut off during his death animation, signifying his transformation into The Adversary.
      • The sprite can flip horizontally, making it look like the Dark One lost his right horn, even though the Adversary's left horn is broken
  • Dark One is one of the three bosses that can dim the room (a temporary Curse of Darkness.png Curse of Darkness effect). The other bosses are The Adversary and The Lamb The Lamb.


Bug Bug! Upon entering the room, if the player goes toward the bottom-center of the screen and The Dark One uses his dashing attack, there is a chance that The Dark One will freeze on his dashing frame and remain in the same state for the remainder of the fight. This bug has been observed when entering from both the left and right sides of the screen.