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Disambig.png This article is about the boss. For the item, see Daddy Longlegs.

Daddy Long Legs is a boss that can appear in all environments of Chapter 4 (Womb Womb, Utero Utero, Added in Afterbirth Scarred Womb Scarred Womb).


Daddy Long Legs' head hangs down stationary and can perform the following attacks:

  • Raises his head making it invulnerable and stomps the ground in random locations around the room 4 times in quick succession. One of these legs will always stomp on top of Isaac's position.
    • The appendages that he stomps with can be attacked to damage him.
  • Lifts his head off-screen and stomps the ground 4 times at regular intervals on top of Isaac's position. At the end of the 4 stomps, he slams his head down quickly, shooting out 8 projectiles in all directions. He can only slam his head down along a horizontal plane across the center of the room and slams it down close to Isaac's position.
    • Occasionally performs a fifth stomp before slamming his head down.
    • The appendages that he stomps with can be attacked to damage him.
  • Spits out 2-3 Spiders.
    • These spiders can be killed by Daddy Long Legs' stomps and head slam.

Daddy Long Legs' foot stomp and head slam deal a whole heart of contact damage.



  • The passive item Daddy Longlegs is a familiar form of this boss, stomping enemies to assist Isaac. The familiar will even attack the Daddy Long Legs.
  • Like Mom's stomp, his stomp deals explosive damage. On rooms where Daddy Long Legs is treated as a degraded Boss, they can be used to blow open doors.


  • Daddy Long Legs was added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original The Binding of Isaac.
    • In the original Binding of Isaac, Daddy Long Legs could be encountered in Necropolis Necropolis.
  • Daddy Long Legs's appendages consist of 2 hands and 2 legs; he will use each of them once in his stomping attacks.
    • Only 3 appendages visually appear to be connected to his head despite him having 4.
  • Daddy Long Legs is a colloquialism for various types of arachnids including Opiliones and Pholcidae.
  • Triachnid is his alternative version.
  • His limbs are also used by the Daddy Longlegs item. However, the item's take on his limbs behaves differently.


Bug Bug! During the mass-stomp attack, the player will take damage before the animation even begins, making it impossible to dodge.
Bug Bug! During the mass-stomp attack, if the player deals damage to one of the legs that would normally kill a full health Daddy Long Legs, it will cause the leg to die as a separate Daddy Long Legs. This will not damage the boss at all.
Bug Bug! If you freeze one of Daddy Long Legs's legs, then kill Daddy Long Legs while a Spider is still alive, then kill the Spider, the boss fight music won't stop. This is fixed if Isaac leaves the room and then re-enters again.

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