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Added in Repentance

Dad's Note is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Starts the event to ascend from the basement, eventually reaching Home Home.

How to Acquire[]


  • Dad's Note cannot be rerolled or destroyed in most ways, such as with 15►The D6 The D6, 15►Void Void, or 15►Abyss Abyss.
    • One of the three exceptions to this is 15►TMTRAINER TMTRAINER, which causes Dad's Note to be replaced with a glitch item, softlocking the game.
    • Another exception is 15►Spindown Dice Spindown Dice, which will reroll Dad's Note to 15►Strawman Strawman, also softlocking the game.
    • There can also be a Dice Room 4 pips, which will reroll Dad's Note to a random item, also softlocking the game.
  • Dad's Note cannot be duplicated via 15►Crooked Penny Crooked Penny, even if other items in the same room would be duplicated. Other duplication items such as 15►Diplopia Diplopia work as normal.
  • Don't forget that the boss room of Mausoleum Mausoleum/Gehenna Gehenna II cannot be exited. Hence the only way to get out of there is by teleporting or picking up Dad's note.
  • The only item that can be taken in the boss room of this special version of Mausoleum Mausoleum/Gehenna Gehenna is Dad's Note. No other items will be spawned.
  • It's recommended to skip the Treasure Room of this floor for now, since one of the items is hidden. During the Ascent, both items will be visible.
    • However, if Isaac has 15►Dream Catcher Dream Catcher, he can predict the items inside. If one of them is worthy, Isaac can enter the treasure room and take it.
  • When obtaining outside the special Mausoleum Mausoleum/Gehenna Gehenna II boss room via cheats or by using 15►Spindown Dice Spindown Dice on 15►Sausage Sausage, it will just slowly fade the music out.


  • Before update 4.0.2, 15►Little Baggy Little Baggy caused the guaranteed Fool card in Depths Depths II to be replaced by a random pill. This is now a guaranteed Telepills.
  • Before update 4.0.2, 15►Sack Head Sack Head had a chance to cause the guaranteed Fool card in Depths Depths II to be replaced by a sack.

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