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Dad's Key is an unlockable activated item.


  • Upon activation, opens all doors in the current room in almost all circumstances.


  • Dad's Key can open:
  1. Any normal doors that are closed during combat, even on floors that normally disallow this;
  2. Any dоor requiring Key Keys;
  3. Any door requiring Bomb Bombs to blow open (including Secret Room Secret Room and Super Secret Room Super Secret Room doors);
  4. Challenge Room Challenge Room and Boss Challenge Room Boss Challenge Room doors regardless of health total;
  5. The door to the Mega Satan Mega Satan arena;
  6. The Boss Rush Boss Rush door from inside;
  7. The doors of a Mini-Boss Room Mini-Boss Room from inside;
  8. Most Boss Room Boss Room dоors from inside;
  9. Added in Repentance The Mausoleum Mausoleum / Gehenna Gehenna doors without paying the health cost.
  • Dad's Key cannot open:
  1. The Boss Rush door if the timer has already passed 20 minutes;
  2. The door to the room leading to ??? ??? if the timer has already passed 30 minutes;
  3. Angel Room Angel Room or Devil Room Devil Room doors;
  4. Locked Chest Locked Chests of any kind, or Key Blоcks;
  5. The door of Mom Mom's Boss Room from inside;
  6. Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance The exit door in Greed mode;
    • Leaving the main room before clearing a set of waves will reset your wave counter, and repeated waves will not drop coins or charge your activated item.
  7. Added in Afterbirth † The door to The Void The Void during the Hush Hush boss fight;
  8. Added in Repentance The flesh door leading to Corpse Corpse;
  9. Added in RepentanceA Strange Door A Strange Door.


  • Added in RepentanceBook of Virtues Book of Virtues: Creates wisps in the middle ring. If the wisps touch locked Chest Chests, Special Room doors, or uncleared room doors, they will unlock and open them, destroying themselves in the process. These wisps can open ANY locked door they touch, including the door to the Mega Satan Mega Satan arena, A Strange Door A Strange Door, and the flesh door to Corpse Corpse. Bomb Chest Bomb Chests and Mega Chest Mega Chests are unaffected. They will also donate to Key Masters on touch, destroying themselves in the process.

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  • This item is used in The Family Man (challenge #19) and Added in Repentance Red Redemption (challenge #44).
  • Dad's Key may be a reference to Isaac's father leaving his mother, as it can be used to escape from almost any conflict.


PC Normal mode only M390 0WAQ (Treasure Room Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PS4 JR88 9NJL (First Treasure Room Treasure Room, go right)

PS5 L6GK S1HL Right two rooms, and down one. Treasure room on right.