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D20 is an unlockable activated item.

Effects[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • (in Repentance) Chests are more likely to be rerolled into other chests.
  • (except in Repentance) The empty chest object that is left behind after opening any kind of chest can be re-rolled into anoter pickup. As empty chests disappear after leaving a room, it's better to wait until the D20 is full charged before opening chests.
  • (except in Repentance) Cannot re-roll pickups into Lil' BatteryLil' Battery, but can re-roll pickups into (except in Rebirth) Grab BagGrab Bags which can contain Lil' Batteries.
  • (in Repentance) Can re-roll pickups into Lil' BatteryLil' Battery and other battery pickups, and can re-roll pickups into (except in Rebirth) Grab BagGrab Bags which can contain Lil' Batteries.
  • It can re-roll pickups into chests or trinkets and vice versa.
    • On ChestChest and Dark RoomDark Room, the re-rolled chests will always contain items unless they are a Red ChestRed Chest or a (in Repentance) Wooden ChestWooden Chest.
    • Re-rolls create trinkets far less often than pickups and chests.
  • It can re-roll pickups selled in the ShopShop.
    • (in Repentance) When used to reroll pickups in any shops, pickups may be rerolled into items instead.
  • Re-rolling pickups duplicated by Rune of JeraRune of Jera, (except in Rebirth)Collectible Diplopia iconDiplopia and (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Collectible Crooked Penny iconCrooked Penny will result on both the original item and the duplicate being relloled into the exact same pickup.
  • (in Repentance)Golden Trinket Golden Trinkets rerolled by D20 will cause the resulting pickup to have the golden effect applied to it. If the trinket is rerolled into another trinket, it will lose the golden effect and act like a normal trinket, otherwise the gold effect will do nothing and will disappear upon leaving and reentering the room.
    • Additionally, items spawned by chests with the gold effect applied will be golden as well, however other pickups dropped by chests will not be.
  • (in Repentance) Can reroll coins dropped by Character Tainted Keeper iconTainted Keeper into other pickups, but they will still disappear if not picked up quickly.

Strategy[ | ]

  • (except in Rebirth) In Greed mode, the D20 is a one-item game breaker as long as the Shop has a Lil' BatteryLil' Battery available. Leave behind as many coins and pickups in the arena as possible. After using the D20, avoid opening chests until the item has been recharged. Avoid collecting things that do not spawn pickups, help buy Lil' Batteries, or help open chests. This can often be repeated indefinitely, leading to collecting coins, bombs, and many pedestal items.
    • (in Repentance) Due to how the D20 interacts with the (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues, this strategy will not work with Character Bethany iconBethany, as using the D20 while playing as her will destroy all pickups in the room.
      • However, this can be avoided by removing Book of Virtues using (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Butter!Butter!
    • (in Repentance) (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Collectible D infinity iconD infinity can be used for this strategy if it is found.

Synergies[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Safety ScissorsSafety Scissors: Bombing a (except in Rebirth) Bomb BumBomb Bum while possessing this trinket will convert the Troll BombTroll Bombs he spawns into regular BombBombs. This process can be repeated indefinitely for unlimited BombBomb pickups. These BombBomb pickups can then be rerolled with the Collectible D20 iconD20.

Interactions[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Spawns wisps in the middle ring. In addition to summoning its specific wisp, instead of rerolling pickups, it will destroy all the pickups in the room and has a chance to give a random wisp for each pickup destroyed.
  • (except in Rebirth)Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: Re-rolls twice instantly without any benefits.
  • (in Repentance)Collectible Options? iconOptions?: Can re-roll both items created by Collectible Options? iconOptions?, but only one can still be taken.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • In the original The Binding of Isaac, the D20 was unlocked by beating Boss Isaac ingameIsaac as Character Isaac iconIsaac.