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D10 is an activated item.

Effects[ | ]

  • (except in Repentance) Upon use, re-rolls all monsters in the room.
  • (in Repentance) Upon use, replaces all monsters in the room with weaker monsters. Each monster type has a specific weaker monster it will transform into. If the monster is already at it's weakest level, it usually transforms it into a background critter or kills it outright.
    • Some enemies can be transformed into obstacles or pickups instead.

Monster Replacement Tables[ | ]

(in Repentance) Affected monsters
CrackleCrackle GurgleGurgle Frowning GaperFrowning Gaper GaperGaper EmbryoEmbryo Small MaggotSmall Maggot Background worm
Scarred Double VisScarred Double Vis Double VisDouble Vis VisVis CyclopiaCyclopia
Vis VersaVis Versa
Bloodshot EyeBloodshot Eye EyeEye
Holy EyeHoly Eye
Blue GaperBlue Gaper
BubblesBubbles BlurbBlurb
Tainted FacelessTainted Faceless FacelessFaceless
Flaming GaperFlaming Gaper
Greed GaperGreed Gaper
Hard HostHard Host HostHost SkinnySkinny
Mobile HostMobile Host RottyRotty
Flaming FattyFlaming Fatty FattyFatty
ShadyShady Fat SackFat Sack
Blue Conjoined FattyBlue Conjoined Fatty Conjoined FattyConjoined Fatty
Cross StoneyCross Stoney StoneyStoney
Holy BonyHoly Bony BonyBony
Black BonyBlack Bony
Big BonyBig Bony
Quad RevenantQuad Revenant RevenantRevenant
Maze RoamerMaze Roamer
Level 2 GaperLevel 2 Gaper
Angelic BabyAngelic Baby BabyBaby
Wrinkly BabyWrinkly Baby
BegottenBegotten HomunculusHomunculus UnbornUnborn
Dank ChargerDank Charger Drowned ChargerDrowned Charger ChargerCharger MaggotMaggot
Carrion PrincessCarrion Princess
Bone KnightBone Knight Selfless KnightSelfless Knight KnightKnight BrainBrain
Loose KnightLoose Knight
Black KnightBlack Knight
SnapperSnapper WhipperWhipper
Black MawBlack Maw OobOob MemBrainMemBrain
Poison MindPoison Mind
Kamikaze LeechKamikaze Leech LeechLeech
Holy LeechHoly Leech
Adult LeechAdult Leech
Level 2 ChargerLevel 2 Charger
Tainted SpittyTainted Spitty SpittySpitty
Conjoined SpittyConjoined Spitty
Scarred Para-BiteScarred Para-Bite Para-BitePara-Bite Round WormRound Worm
Cod WormCod Worm
FredFred UlcerUlcer
PlanetoidPlanetoid TumorTumor
Camillo Jr.Camillo Jr.
Psy TumorPsy Tumor
Tainted Tube WormTainted Tube Worm Tube WormTube Worm Night CrawlerNight Crawler
Tainted Round WormTainted Round Worm
Tainted MoleTainted Mole MoleMole
PastyPasty NeedleNeedle
FloastFloast FissureFissure Small LeechSmall Leech
Psychic MawPsychic Maw MawMaw HorfHorf GusherGusher PacerPacer Dies
Mr. MawMr. Maw (body)
Dank Death's HeadDank Death's Head Death's HeadDeath's Head
Cursed Death's HeadCursed Death's Head
Brimstone Death's HeadBrimstone Death's Head
Dusty Death's HeadDusty Death's Head
SwingerSwinger (body)
Mr. Red MawMr. Red Maw (body) Red MawRed Maw
Floating KnightFloating Knight
Mr. MineMr. Mine
Psychic HorfPsychic Horf
Tainted Sub HorfTainted Sub Horf Sub HorfSub Horf
Poot MinePoot Mine
Level 2 HorfLevel 2 Horf
QuakeyQuakey Pale FattyPale Fatty BlubberBlubber Half SackHalf Sack
Gutted FattyGutted Fatty Vis FattyVis Fatty (body)
Peeping FattyPeeping Fatty
MulliboomMulliboom MulligoonMulligoon MulliganMulligan
Gas DwarfGas Dwarf
Drowned HiveDrowned Hive HiveHive
Holy MulliganHoly Mulligan
Tainted MulliganTainted Mulligan
Coal BoyCoal Boy DannyDanny NestNest
Black Globin's BodyBlack Globin's Body
Level 2 GusherLevel 2 Gusher
Black GoatBlack Goat GoatGoat
EggyEggy HopperHopper
Tainted HopperTainted Hopper
Rag Man's RaglingRag Man's Ragling RaglingRagling TriteTrite
Sticky LeaperSticky Leaper LeaperLeaper
Mom's Dead HandMom's Dead Hand Mom's HandMom's Hand
Flaming HopperFlaming Hopper
Flesh MaidenFlesh Maiden HangerHanger KeeperKeeper
Butt SlickerButt Slicker ButtlickerButtlicker
Deep GaperDeep Gaper
Evil TwinEvil Twin
Mama FlyMama Fly PustulePustule 3 (in Repentance) Small MaggotSmall Maggot
Festering GutsFestering Guts 5 (in Repentance) Small MaggotSmall Maggot
Tainted PooterTainted Pooter Super PooterSuper Pooter PooterPooter Attack FlyAttack Fly FlyFly Background fly
BloodflyBloodfly BulbBulb
I.BlobI.Blob ClotClot ClottyClotty BoilBoil
Grilled GyroGrilled Gyro Grilled ClottyGrilled Clotty
Black Globin's HeadBlack Globin's Head GlobinGlobin
Clickety ClackClickety Clack
Dank GlobinDank Globin Gazing GlobinGazing Globin
Cursed GlobinCursed Globin
Black GlobinBlack Globin
Mega ClottyMega Clotty
Flesh Mobile HostFlesh Mobile Host Red HostRed Host
Walking BoilWalking Boil
Blue BoilBlue Boil
Drowned Boom FlyDrowned Boom Fly Boom FlyBoom Fly Level 2 FlyLevel 2 Fly
Tainted Boom FlyTainted Boom Fly
Fire WormFire Worm Dragon FlyDragon Fly Red Boom FlyRed Boom Fly Full FlyFull Fly
Bone FlyBone Fly
GasbagGasbag Sick Boom FlySick Boom Fly
PooferPoofer Flesh Death's HeadFlesh Death's Head
Fat BatFat Bat One ToothOne Tooth
Walking GutWalking Gut GutGut Army FlyArmy Fly Ring FlyRing Fly
Tar BoyTar Boy GushGush
Scarred GutsScarred Guts GutsGuts
Dead MeatDead Meat Mama GutsMama Guts
PortalPortal Lil PortalLil Portal
Soul SuckerSoul Sucker SuckerSucker
Tainted SuckerTainted Sucker
Fistula ingame med Fistula Medium Fistula ingame small Fistula Small Leper FleshLeper Flesh
Dart FlyDart Fly
Fly BombFly Bomb
Level 2 WilloLevel 2 Willo WilloWillo SwarmSwarm
Fly TrapFly Trap
Walking SackWalking Sack SackSack Big SpiderBig Spider SpiderSpider Swarm SpiderSwarm Spider Background spider
Baby Long LegsBaby Long Legs Small Baby Long LegsSmall Baby Long Legs
Crazy Long LegsCrazy Long Legs Small Crazy Long LegsSmall Crazy Long Legs Level 2 SpiderLevel 2 Spider
MigraineMigraine Ticking SpiderTicking Spider
Tainted Soy CreepTainted Soy Creep Soy CreepSoy Creep Wall CreepWall Creep Blind CreepBlind Creep Wall CreepWall Creep / Blind CreepBlind Creep cycle
Rage CreepRage Creep
The ThingThe Thing
Red GhostRed Ghost WizoobWizoob Lil' HauntLil' Haunt Background ghost
Baby BegottenBaby Begotten ImpImp PoltyPolty
Vomit GrimaceVomit Grimace Stone GrimaceStone Grimace Random Rock
Triple GrimaceTriple Grimace
Stone EyeStone Eye
Cross Stone ShooterCross Stone Shooter
Brimstone HeadBrimstone Head Constant Stone ShooterConstant Stone Shooter
Gaping MawGaping Maw Broken Gaping MawBroken Gaping Maw
Mask HeartMask + Heart (heart) (in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Red HeartScared Heart
Mask Heart IIMask II + 1/2 Heart 2 Half Red HeartHalf Red Heart
CornCorn DipDip Random PoopPoop
Brownie CornBrownie Corn
DumpDump Big CornBig Corn DripDrip
Dump HeadDump Head
Dank SquirtDank Squirt SquirtSquirt
Nerve Ending 2Nerve Ending 2 Nerve EndingNerve Ending Red PoopRed Poop
Mushroom (Enemy)Mushroom Mushroom Rock
Dark BallDark Ball Fiery effect
BishopBishop CultistCultist Peep EyePeep Eye Can't be replaced
Blood CultistBlood Cultist Bloat EyeBloat Eye
HenryHenry Replaced by itself
(in Repentance) Unaffected monsters
Siren MinionSiren Minion Rotten GaperRotten Gaper My ShadowMy Shadow
Dragon Fly XDragon Fly X Angelic Baby (small)Angelic Baby (small) PokyPoky
SlideSlide Brainless KnightBrainless Knight Death ScytheDeath Scythe
Peep EyePeep Eye Bloat EyeBloat Eye Mask HeartMask + Heart (mask)
Mask Heart IIMask II + 1/2 Heart (mask) Mask Heart IIMask II + 1/2 Heart (right heart) Eternal FlyEternal Fly
Wall HuggerWall Hugger PitfallPitfall Suction PitfallSuction Pitfall
Teleport PitfallTeleport Pitfall Ultra Greed Coin (Spinner)Ultra Greed Coin (Spinner) Ultra Greed Coin (Key)Ultra Greed Coin (Key)
Ultra Greed Coin (Bomb)Ultra Greed Coin (Bomb) Ultra Greed Coin (Heart)Ultra Greed Coin (Heart) Corn MineCorn Mine
Purple BallPurple Ball Blood PuppyBlood Puppy Quake GrimaceQuake Grimace
Bomb GrimaceBomb Grimace Rock SpiderRock Spider Tinted Rock SpiderTinted Rock Spider
Coal SpiderCoal Spider Eternal Fly BombEternal Fly Bomb Gutted Fatty EyeGutted Fatty Eye
Fetal DemonFetal Demon Peeping Fatty EyePeeping Fatty Eye BombgaggerBombgagger
SpikeballSpikeball MorningstarMorningstar GrudgeGrudge
Ball and ChainBall and Chain Visage PlasmaVisage Plasma Singe's BallSinge's Ball
Dead IsaacDead Isaac Ultra Famine FlyUltra Famine Fly Ultra Pestilence FlyUltra Pestilence Fly
Ultra Death HeadUltra Death Head Ultra Death ScytheUltra Death Scythe ShopkeeperDummy
Siren HelperSiren Helper

Notes[ | ]

  • (except in Repentance) Re-rolling a monster will replace it with an entirely new one from any floor, making it dangerous to use early on in the game (as Isaac could get monsters from DepthsDepths or later).
  • (except in Repentance) The D10 will not reroll Bosses but can reroll monsters spawned by bosses.
  • (in Repentance) The D10 will not reroll friendly enemies.
  • Using this item can cause some rooms to become impossible to clear. Jumping or flying monsters may become trapped behind rocks after being rerolled, and therefore become unbeatable.
    • Sealed doors open after 2 minutes, though there are situations that can prevent this failsafe from triggering.
  • (in Afterbirth and Afterbirth †) Flying monsters will only be rerolled into other flying monsters, and ground monsters can only be rerolled into ground monsters. ( HorfHorfs are classified as ground monsters by the D10).
  • (in Repentance) Some invincible enemies will be rerolled, while others (including most Grimace variants) are completely unaffected.
  • Using this item in a room with Mom's HandMom's Hand can be very dangerous, as unless they have already landed, they will be directly on top of Isaac, resulting in the new monsters spawning directly on top of Isaac, instantly dealing contact damage.
  • Using this item, then exiting the room, such as by teleporting or a bombed door, will cause the enemies to be in their original forms upon Isaac's return.

Synergies[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Spawns orange wisps in the middle ring. Tears shot from these wisps have a 10% chance to replace enemies with their weaker variants.
  • (in Repentance)Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: Weakens affected enemies twice.

Interactions[ | ]

  • (except in Repentance)Broken RemoteBroken Remote: Using D10 while holding this will first teleport Isaac, and then reroll the enemies in the new room.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Despite being a dice item, D10 is not an unlock.
  • (in Repentance) D10 was voted the worst quality 0 item in the game in a poll on the Binding of Isaac subreddit, resulting in its consequent rework and upgrade to quality 1.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! (in Rebirth and Afterbirth) The D10 can reroll the Suture half of Boss Blighted Ovum ingameBlighted Ovum.
Bug Bug! (in Rebirth and Afterbirth) Using this item on any monster with several pieces will reroll every piece into a monster. Mr. MawMr. Maw and Boss Gemini ingameGemini's cord dots are considered pieces, each turning into a new monster.
Bug Bug! (in Rebirth and Afterbirth) Rarely, a monster can be rerolled into the mask half of the Mask HeartMask + Heart enemy, and the mask will die instantly.
Bug Bug! (in Afterbirth and Afterbirth †) The Attack FlyAttack Fly, SwarmSwarm, and Camillo Jr.Camillo Jr. enemy can't be rerolled (even though monsters can be rerolled into them).
Bug Bug! (except in Repentance) Using this item in a room with Stone GrimaceStone Grimaces will turn them invisible. They will not fire, but the space they occupied will prevent Isaac from moving through it like an invisible wall.
Bug Bug! (in Repentance) D10 and items related to it can reroll frozen enemies into alive ones, effectively bringing them back to life.