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Cut Content refers to entities, mechanics, objects, graphics, etc that didn't make it into the final game but are still present within the game's data.

Cut Vanilla Content[ | ]

Pressure Plates[ | ]


Pressure plates can be found in the game files and could have served as another type of obstacle. They are fully functional and can do the following things:

  • Nothing
  • Spawn a random chest
  • Spawn 6 Attack Flies
  • Spawn 6 Troll Bombs
  • Activate Curse of Darkness for the rest of the floor
  • Spawn a random pickup
  • Spawn 15 random coins

(except in Rebirth) Buttons appear in rooms.

Various Half Hearts[ | ]


Half Soul Heart and Black Heart pickups are in the game files, but they cannot be found in-game.

(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Half Soul Hearts are an unlockable pickup.

Colored Destructibles[ | ]


There are several colored versions of certain destructibles, which could have served a purpose similar to tinted rocks.

(in Repentance) Marked Skulls are an unlockable obstacle through A Secret Exit A Secret Exit.

Sisters Vis[ | ]


A boss version of the Vis enemy that could have appeared in SheolSheol. According to the unused corresponding achievement file, Sisters Vis would have been unlocked by beating Sheol 10 times. The Sisters Vis were also a boss in Gish, one of Edmund McMillen's previous games.

Unused 12 Room Charge[ | ]


By editing the game's "items.xml" file and setting an item to maxcharges=12, it's possible to see the charge bar in-game.

Breath of Life Animation[ | ]

Collectible Breath of Life animated unused

Unused Jar Charges[ | ]


Unused Floors[ | ]

By disabling the invalid seed check, and using an invalid seed, you can continue the game after The ChestChest and Dark RoomDark Room, up to an additional 14 floors. They use pre-existing graphics and the same layout.

Mega Satan's Skeleton Hand[ | ]

Originally, a skeletal version of Mega Satan's hands would have appeared for his 2nd form. Even if Mega Satan's hands were not killed, fully depleting his head's health in his 1st form will cause the hands to immediately despawn.

Mega Satan's Skeleton Hand

Cut Afterbirth Content[ | ]

(except in Rebirth)

Old Man Keeper[ | ]

Old Man Keeper was originally a second new playable character before ending up replaced by Character Keeper iconKeeper. This character, however, is playable since the DLC's initial release by using the Cheat Engine until in the later update patches, but he appears invisible with no sprites and has zero hearts.

On every April Fool's Day between 2016 and sometime after the release of Afterbirth †, Keeper was replaced by Old Man Keeper during the daily run for that day.

Skinless Hush[ | ]

From the files, there was an unfinished sprite sheet of Hush's flayed form. At first, Edmund stated that the file is a "red herring to the data miners".[1] However, this scrapped form was later confirmed to be actually intentional.[2][3]

Beta Ultra Greed[ | ]

Ultra Greed, based on his unused sprite sheet, was originally featured with a beard, along with a single tooth and a rather stout-looking body build. This old Ultra Greed design supposedly represents Tyrone Rodriguez,[4] similar to Ultra Pride who also represents Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl.

Cut Afterbirth † Content[ | ]

(in Afterbirth † and Repentance)

Unused Ultra Greedier Sprites and Animation[ | ]

Ultra Greedier has not only an unused hanging sprite like his original form but an entire unused 'waking up' animation.

Big Horn's Big Bomb[ | ]

This unused bomb sprite reveals that Big Horn was intended to summon a larger bomb.

Unused Room Editor Sprites[ | ]

Along with modding support, several tools were included with Afterbirth † to assist new and existing modders, one of which was the Room Editor. It came with a huge number of icons it used for visualization, which included a number of pre-release enemy designs which were never used in-game. Some were simply colored differently while others looked drastically different.

Cut Repentance Content[ | ]

(in Repentance)

Dogma's Unused Attacks[ | ]

There are 2 unused attacks for Dogma that appear in the files and can be spawned using console commands, but neither are ever seen in-game normally.

Entity 950.10 is "Dogma Angel Baby". When spawned, it floats around for a few seconds before charging at Isaac and exploding. They were originally supposed to spawn alongside Dogma's spin attack in Phase 2, but were ultimately removed from the fight, likely for being too difficult. They are fully functional in-game, though they cannot spawn naturally. They can still be spawned in with the command "spawn 950.10".

Dogma angel baby

Sprites for Dogma's unused Angel Baby attack.

Entity 1000.171 is "Dogma Blackhole". When spawned, it starts charging up, and after a few moments, it emits a powerful suction force and spawns damaging tears to be dragged in as well. If Isaac makes contact with the blackhole, he will also take damage. The blackhole explodes into a shower of tears after it finishes the suction attack. The Hole would also suck Isaac's own shots and even bombs. The attack pattern was cut because it was deemed to be too hard by the playtesters. The black hole can still be spawned with the debug console with the command "spawn 1000.171".

Unimplemented Bosses[ | ]

Files for several bosses created for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that were ultimately cut can be found within the game files. However, it was confirmed that some of the bosses may have a chance to be implemented in the DLC's future updates.[5]

  • Maid in the Mist, a scrapped ghost-like boss. She is an early version of Min-Min with both sharing a Willo theme:

Boss Maid in the Mist

  • Raglich, a boss that appears to be a part of the Rag Man lineage. Raglich does not appear in any rooms, meaning it must be spawned with the console. It was originally intended to be encountered in MausoleumMausoleum and has confirmation from _Kilburn, one of the developers, that: "he will make it in, eventually" (though now that _Kilburn is no longer working on the game, this is rather unlikely).

  • Cadavra, a pair of bosses similar in appearance to Chimera. Their walking animation gifs were first leaked by Edmund McMillen on September 4, 2020,[6] but they were never found in the DLC's final release. Unlike the previous two bosses, Cadavra does not exist as an entity and cannot be spawned in-game. It does not have a portrait nor a boss title. Edmund stated that they're "still in pieces maybe one day",[7] implying that Cadavra would be later added in the future update patches some other time.

Unimplemented Enemies[ | ]

  • Tainted Mr. Maw, an enemy resembling three Maw faces stuck together. The enemy's sheet suggests that each face broke off as its health lowered. It also has a sprites for a body making it akin to the original Mr. Maw.
  • Floater Turdlet, A variant of Drips themed after Turdlet, likely meant to be a part of Turdlet's fight (Drips are known as Floaters in the game's assets).
  • Red Fly Bomb, a red version of a Fly Bomb with small spikes protruding around it.
  • Lump Corpse, a Corpse-themed version of a Lump that looks more like the Flash version, albiet green.
  • Split Rage Creep, an enemy resembling Rage Creeps, but with a more gored body that shoots two Collectible Brimstone iconBrimstone beams at 30° angles instead of one straight beam, leaving a blind spot in the middle.
  • Rag Creep, a variation of a Wall Creep which spits a chain of 4 homing shots, spawned as part of Raglich's fight.
  • Canary, a Gaper with what seems to be a fleshy version of the Collectible Technology iconTechnology costume. The name of its body sprite, along with the name of the enemy itself, indicates that it would have appeared in MinesMines.
  • Foreigner, a Gaper with a large white eye resembling a fleshy version of the Collectible Polyphemus iconPolyphemus costume and could have been possibly a variation of a Cyclopia. Its shares a theme with the Canary and thus would have also appeared in MinesMines.
  • Graverobber, a small enemy resembling Greed paired with a penny sack.
  • Gasbag 2 and Lump Corpse 2, greyish blue hued variations of a Gasbag and the cut Lump Corpse.

Unimplemented Items[ | ]

The following items were originally in/planned for Antibirth but weren't transferred over to Repentance.

Name ID Icon Description
Book Of Despair 1012 Cut Item Book Of Despair Active item; granted a temporary tears up on use.
Bowl of Tears 1015 Cut Item Bowl of Tears Active item; was charged by shooting tears and fired a Collectible Monstro's Lung iconMonstro's Lung burst of tears.
Donkey Jawbone 1058 Cut Item Donkey Jawbone Passive item; did a Collectible Spirit Sword iconSpirit Sword-like spin attack whenever Isaac took damage. This item was scrapped in Repentance, but its graphic now appears in Character Tainted Samson iconTainted Samson's gameplay and in the Collectible Berserk! iconBerserk! item, now working more like Character The Forgotten iconThe Forgotten's attack. Its unlock was replaced by Collectible Bloody Gust iconBloody Gust.
Knife Piece 2 1074 Cut Item Knife Piece 2 The unused sprite from when the Knife had 3 pieces.
Knife Piece 3 1075 Cut Item Knife Piece 3 There are only two Knife Pieces now. In Antibirth, Knife Piece 3 was found in a teleporter-based puzzle in MausoleumMausoleum II.
Menorah 1034 Cut Item Menorah Passive item; familiar that lowered Tears stat and made Isaac fire more tears at once whenever he took damage, up to 7. This is the unused item ID of 587.
Pill Crusher ? Cut Item Pill Crusher Active item, also unimplemented in Antibirth; would have dropped a Pill on pickup, made Pills more common, and on activation, would have consumed the currently held pill and affected all enemies on screen depending on the pill consumed. This was meant to take the unused item ID of 648.
Stone Bombs 1080 Cut Item Stone Bombs Passive item; made Isaac's bombs release rock waves in the cardinal directions on exploding.
Voodoo Pin 1067 Cut Item Voodoo Pin Active item; functioned identically to Collectible Dull Razor iconDull Razor (which was implemented in Afterbirth+). This is the unused item ID of 620.
Checked Mate ? Checked Mate2 Passive item; was supposed to turn one enemy in every room into a champion. When that champion is killed, every other enemy dies as well.
Lunchbox ? Collectibles 101x Lunchbox Active item; stored next passive item picked up. Activating gives the player the stored item, restored hp,and gives temporary all stats up.

Unused items that weren't originally in Antibirth also exist within the game's files.

  • Beth's Heart: Passive item; a familiar that would have stored Soul Hearts to be used as active item charges, akin to Character Bethany iconBethany's soul charge mechanic.
  • Blank Bombs: Passive item; bomb upgrade that would be able to destroy nearby enemy projectiles.
  • Keeper's Rope: An item resembling a noose. Its function is unknown, nor is it known if it was meant to be a passive or active item.
  • Pacifist: Passive item; was meant to add a timer to hostile rooms akin to the PAC1F1SM seed, giving a reward for uncleared rooms.

Unimplemented Pickups[ | ]

Several unused achievements for pickups exist.

  • Illusion Hearts: Illusion Hearts appeared to function as Soul Hearts that create a clone of the player character that moves in tandem with the original, a similar mechanic to Jacob & Esau, with a copy of all of your items. When an Illusion Heart was depleted, the Isaac that got hit disappeared.
  • Rune of Ingwaz
  • Rune of Sowilo

Unimplemented Challenges[ | ]

Several unused achievements exist that mention the following challenges being unlocked. It is unknown what the challenges would have had.

  • Dimension Red; possibly an early version of Red Redemption.
  • Divide and Conquer; seems to feature a Conquest like Isaac throwing copies of himself at enemies.
  • Ghost Babel; notably features the cut Nightwatch enemy (see Cut Monsters below).
  • Turbo!; evidently involved Character Cain iconCain, with the game sped-up.

Unimplemented Co-op Babies[ | ]

Several unused achievements exist for co-op babies that never made it in.

  • BFF Baby
  • Duplex Baby
  • Lot Baby
  • Pawn Baby
  • Salty Baby

Mortis[ | ]

An unused floor which would have been an alternative version of Corpse exists as two empty room files with no associated assets. In the music xml, there is also a listing labeled as "not done" after Gehenna which uses The Womb's theme as a placeholder. Edmund McMillen has confirmed on twitter that there are currently no plans to add Mortis to the game.

The Void[ | ]

An unused floor which shares its name with The VoidThe Void can be found in the game's files and contains a variety of unique unimplemented rooms, some of which feature Repentance mechanics/bosses as well as one containing Clutch/The Possessor.

  • This new version of The Void may have been related to the Delirium revamp which Kilburn noted in a tweet.

Curse of the Giant[ | ]

A new curse from the Antibirth mod, which generates a floor with special big rooms made from combining multiple small rooms together, remains in the game files in Repentance, but as of yet cannot be encountered in-game. It was likely cut due to the number of unfair, extremely difficult, or even impossible rooms it could sometimes generate.

Derpy Plum[ | ]

Next to Baby Plum's animation file is a file called "908.000_derpy plum.anm2" which is missing its associated sprite sheet. There are two images of what appears to be Derpy Plum, as shared by one of the developers.

Derpy Plum Attack1 Derpy Plum Death

Beast Laugh[ | ]

During the Beast fight, any remaining Ultra Horsemen as well as the Beast herself can be seen in the background of the fight, with the former cheering on the current Horseman whenever Isaac takes damage. It seems that originally the Beast was intended to laugh when this occurred as well, since there are unused sprites and even a fully finished animation within the .anm2 file. However, this animation does not play in the final game.

Beast Laugh

Heretic Dabbing[ | ]

In "905.000_heretic.anm2", there is an animation called "why does this exist" showing Heretic dabbing after being defeated.

Why does this exist.

Cut Antibirth Content[ | ]

(in Repentance)

Cut Characters[ | ]

  • Edith - An unused character from Antibirth that could only move through teleporting. It was confirmed early on by Ed that Edith would not be added, however, a statue that looks similar to Edith does appear rarely when using VII - The Chariot?VII - The Chariot?. Her gameplay style was reworked and added to the game as Character Tainted Forgotten iconTainted Forgotten.


Cut Items[ | ]

The following items were planned for but ultimately cut from Antibirth:

  • 613 - Salt Shaker - Was Edith's active item. Edith was a planned character for Antibirth, who was cut out for gameplay reasons. (It was item ID 613, but now this ID is currently unused.)
  • 630 - Lucky Seven - Was an item planned for the first Antibirth update. (It was item ID 630, but now this ID is currently unused.)
  • 648 - Pill Crusher - Was an item planned for the first Antibirth update. (It was item ID 648, but now this ID is currently unused.)

Cut Monsters[ | ]

Some monsters from the Antibirth mod are found in the game files but unused, while others are completely absent in Repentance. Edmund McMillen confirmed that he has no plans for the currently unused Antibirth monsters.

  • It is possible to encounter these enemies along with other cut enemies with Collectible TMTRAINER iconTMTRAINER or in the DELETE THIS challenge, although it is highly unlikely.[8][9]

Unused monsters:

  • Barfy - A variant of Fatty. Wanders around the room, and slowly follows Isaac when he's in its line of sight. Occasionally spews clusters of green shots that leaves green creep towards Isaac.
  • Blind Bat - A variant of One Tooth. Starts out asleep. When Isaac gets close, it wakes up and chases Isaac, followed by a group of three more Blind Bats.
  • Echo Bat - A variant of One Tooth. Flies towards Isaac and periodically fires three white orbs. If an orb hits Isaac, he becomes confused and his movement is reversed for a few seconds.
  • Corpse Eater - Rapidly moves around the room erratically and charges at Isaac if he comes within its line of sight. When spawned in game, it will behave like normal but only has the front end for its sprite.
  • Carrion Rider - A variant of Corpse Eater. Rapidly moves around the room erratically and charges at Isaac if he comes within its line of sight. The Bony on its back shoots at Isaac. If spawned in game, acts the same as Corpse Eater, while also having a chance to spawn a charger on death.
  • Necromancer - Summons skeleton enemies such as Bonies and Big Bonies.
  • Nightwatch - Invulnerable enemies. Moves in a fixed pattern or rotates in a spot. If Isaac enters its light, it will lock all doors, summon enemies, and vanish.
  • Swapper - A variant of Baby. Slowly floats towards Isaac and fires purple lasers. Occasionally teleports and reappears elsewhere. Has a chance to swap positions with Isaac.
  • Strifer - Walks horizontally or vertically, attempting to line up with Isaac. Frequently fires lines of four tears forwards.
  • Vessel - A variant of Fatty. Walks around the room and explodes into Small Maggots upon death.

Removed monsters:

  • Dumpling - Flies around and farts if Isaac is close, if it is damaged, and when it dies. Farts knock Isaac back and propel it forwards.
  • Skinling - A variant of Dumpling. Their behavior is similar but their farts are poisonous.
  • Scab - A variant of Dumpling. Flies towards Isaac. Upon death, farts and sends out 6 blood shots in all directions.
  • Fissure - A Dumpling/Trite hybrid. Jumps towards Isaac like a Trite. When it jumps, it fires a red shot towards Isaac. Occasionally, it stands still and spews a chaotic burst of red shots.
  • Screamer - Walks slowly around the room. If Isaac gets too close, it will scream, paralyzing Isaac. It will gain a slowing aura and start charging towards him.
  • Coil - Creates beams of electricity to other enemies in the room. Touching the electricity damages Isaac. Cannot be killed.
  • Stillborn - Slowly floats towards Isaac, occasionally firing blood shots. Cannot be killed and dies when the room is cleared.

As well, there is a cut Orange-Red champion that behaved similar to the flashing green champion, splitting once, and then having its clones split.

Cut Pickups[ | ]

Name Icon Description
Rune of Kenaz Cut Rune Kenaz Icon Poisons all enemies in the room for 48 hits. Seems to do between 1.0 and 3.5 damage per hit, but never scales off of Isaac's damage stat.
Rune of Othala Cut Rune Othala Icon Gives Isaac a random item that he already holds. Items interact like how they would if you had gotten them from a pedestal.
Rune of Gebo Cut Rune Gebo Icon Interacts with any machine or beggar in the room. Donates 7 coins to donation machines, plays beggars 6 times, plays blood machines 4 times, plays other machines 5 times. Machines and beggars have an increased chance to pay out or explode, even paying out at only one play.
Rune of Fehu Cut Rune Fehu Icon Turns all pickups or items in the room into coins. Coins generated are equal to how much the item would be worth in a shop (Items give 15 cents, trinkets give 5 cents, black hearts give 6 cents, 1+1 bombs/keys give 10 cents). Does not work on chests, open or closed, unless the chest has a pedestal item. Does not work with pickups or items not on the ground (Shop items, Devil deals).
  • This effect has been implemented in the form of IX - The Hermit?IX - The Hermit? inverted tarot card.
Immortal Hearts Cut Immortal Heart Take two hits to be fully depleted and will regenerate from half to full upon clearing a room.

Cut Obstacles[ | ]

  • Red TNT - Red TNT barrels explode when destroyed. Unlike regular TNT barrels, red TNT only needs to be shot once to be detonated. They also detonate if Isaac or an enemy walks into it.

Cut Challenges[ | ]

  • Turbo!: Starts the game with Cain. The game is significantly sped up.

References[ | ]