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Every floor Isaac reaches has a chance to be cursed, which hides or alters game elements to make the floor more difficult to complete. Each curse only lasts for the current floor. The possible curses are:

Curse Description
Curse of the BlindCurse of the Blind All item sprites are replaced with a question mark and are not revealed until they are picked up.
Curse of DarknessCurse of Darkness The floor is much darker, and is only barely lit by Isaac's natural aura. Rooms are occasionally filled with swarms of intangible glowing particles. Fire, explosions, and lasers will all cast light as normal, as will red creep.

(in Repentance) The aura of light around Isaac is now much larger, but the darkness outside it is much darker.

Curse of the LostCurse of the Lost Removes the map from the HUD, similarly to the Amnesia pill, and increases the possible total room count of the current floor by 4.
Curse of the MazeCurse of the Maze Entering a new room (including teleporting) will occasionally take Isaac to the wrong room, with a screen-shake and sound effect to indicate the jump. For example, entering the room on the right may instead take Isaac to the room on the left. Occasionally, discovered rooms with identical door layouts can swap contents, without a screen-shake or sound effect.

(in Repentance) Curse of the Maze is now supposed to only teleport Isaac into uncleared rooms, but there is a bug (See bugs section) and it no longer triggers a screen-shake.

Curse of the UnknownCurse of the Unknown Removes Isaac's health from the HUD, leaving the player unable to see how many hearts remain of any kind. All health is still tracked as normal, and Isaac still urinates on the floor by the door when he enters a room at half a heart of total HP.

(in Repentance) Also removes the Collectible Holy Mantle iconHoly Mantle icon from the HUD.

Curse of the LabyrinthCurse of the Labyrinth Appears only on the first floor of a chapter. Merges the two floors of a chapter; the resulting XL floor contains two Boss RoomBoss Rooms, two items, and counts as two floors.
Curse of the CursedCurse of the Cursed Changes normal doors into cursed doors. Found only in the Cursed! challenge or when playing with the (except in Rebirth) "CVRS ED" seed.
(in Repentance) Curse of the GiantCurse of the Giant Merges normal-sized rooms into 2x2, 1x2, 2x1, or L-shaped rooms while narrow rooms are not affected(further confimation needed). This curse currently isn't achievable naturally in game.

Chance[ | ]

Odds of getting a curse vary with progression, increasing over time.

Unlocks Normal Hard
New Game 1/80 1/10
Killed Boss Mom ingameMom 1/30 1/5
Everything is Terrible 1/10 1/3
Killed Boss Isaac ingameIsaac 1/5 (except in Repentance) 1/2 or (in Repentance) 1/3
  • All curses have an equal, 1/6 chance of occurring.
    • If Curse of the Labyrinth is picked on a floor it cannot spawn on, such as the second floor of any chapter, Greed Mode, or on any chapters post-Womb, no curses will be active for the floor.
      • This makes the chance of getting cursed on floors without Curse of the Labyrinth 1/6, or (except in Repentance) 5/12 or (in Repentance) 5/18 for Hard Mode if Boss Isaac ingameIsaac has been defeated.

Notes[ | ]

  • Curse of the LabyrinthCurse of the Labyrinth can spawn the same boss in both rooms on one floor.
  • If Curse of the LabyrinthCurse of the Labyrinth is encountered in BasementBasement, CellarCellar, or the (except in Rebirth)Burning BasementBurning Basement, both Treasure RoomTreasure Room doors will be unlocked.
  • Because Curse of the Labyrinth causes the two floors in a chapter to merge, the Devil RoomDevil Room can be encountered in BasementBasement I, CellarCellar I, or (except in Rebirth)Burning BasementBurning Basement I, and the chances to do so are lowered as usual if Isaac takes red heart damage.
  • With the Curse of the Labyrinth, it is possible to teleport into the second Boss RoomBoss Room and completely skip the first.
  • (in Repentance) If Curse of the Labyrinth takes effect during Chapter 1, taking the door that spawns after the second boss room will lead to DownpourDownpour II or DrossDross II.
  • (in Repentance) If Curse of the Labyrinth merges DownpourDownpour or DrossDross, there will be two "mirror" Boss Rooms.
  • (in Repentance) If Curse of the Labyrinth merges DownpourDownpour, DrossDross, MinesMines, or AshpitAshpit into an XL floor, the special rooms leading to Collectible Knife Piece 1 iconKnife Piece 1 and Collectible Knife Piece 2 iconKnife Piece 2, and their associated gimmicks, will still appear.
    • Only one of the "mirror" treasure rooms in DownpourDownpour and DrossDross will contain the knife piece; the other will be empty.
  • Curse of DarknessCurse of Darkness can be made somewhat easier by increasing the gamma setting in the game's options.
    • (in Repentance) XIX - The SunXIX - The Sun can now remove Curse of Darkness for the current floor.
    • (except in Rebirth) The Collectible Night Light iconNight Light can remove Curse of Darkness for the floor it's picked up. While it does not make Isaac immune to the Curse in floors after picking it up, the light beam it emits diminishes the drawback of low visibility.
  • Curse of the UnknownCurse of the Unknown does not affect Character The Lost iconThe Lost, as he is, technically speaking, perpetually under its effect anyways.
    • (in Repentance) The Lost can no longer see whether the Collectible Holy Mantle iconHoly Mantle's shield has been broken in the current room.
  • Curse of the MazeCurse of the Maze can be exploited to enter all types of locked rooms without spending resources. Be warned, though, as trying to enter a Curse RoomCurse Room can teleport Isaac elsewhere, dealing damage without getting him into the desired room (unless he has some form of flight).
  • When Curse of the Maze triggers, it takes into account the direction the room was exited through. For example, if Isaac leaves a room by a door on the right wall, it can only take Isaac to a room that has a door on its left wall. (This also works with teleporting.)
  • Since Curse of the Maze can only swap rooms with identical door layouts, if one of the rooms has a wall where the other had a door, a secret room is guaranteed to be there.
  • Curse of the Maze may otherwise interfere with teleportation cards, but JokerJoker is unaffected.
  • With Curse of the Maze active, using any form of extra life or revival item can put Isaac into a previously unvisited room.
  • (except in Repentance) Curse of the Maze can teleport Isaac to the same room he was just in.
  • Items that reveal the entire map do not counteract the effect of Curse of the Lost.
  • With Curse of the BlindCurse of the Blind active, leaving and re-entering a room which had a revealed item will change the item back to a question mark.

3DS Curse of the Lost can be countered, as the player can draw a map on the touch screen.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Of the three curses that returned from Wrath of the Lamb, (Labyrinth, the Lost, and Darkness), two of them — Curse of the LostCurse of the Lost and Curse of DarknessCurse of Darkness — have different effects from Rebirth onwards.
    • The Curse of Darkness used to hide the map, but was given the floor darkening effect in Rebirth.
    • The Curse of the Lost used to simply add 4 floors to the possible total room count of a floor, and was also given the map removal effect from Curse of Darkness.
    • The Curse of the LabyrinthCurse of the Labyrinth remained untouched.
  • (in Repentance) Curse of the GiantCurse of the Giant originated from the Antibirth mod, but cannot be encountered in-game without using mods or the Debug Console. This was because the room-combining aspect of the curse would often lead to buggy or unfair rooms.
    • A system was to be added that determined the fairness of a large room, such as limiting the number of enemies, but this proved to be too complicated to finish in time.
  • (in Repentance) There is another curse being used internally in the game, called Curse of the Mist. This is active inside the Mother's ShadowMother's Shadow area and is used to disable Isaac's items.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! (in Repentance) Curse of the MazeCurse of the Maze can still teleport Isaac to already explored rooms.