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Items in this pool can spawn in the Curse Room. This does not apply to Red Chests.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Guppy's Head 5.100.145
Guppy's Head
1 rooms
Spawns 2-4 friendly Blue Flies that damage enemies.
Guppy's Paw 5.100.133
Guppy's Paw
Upon use, converts one Heart Container into three Soul Hearts.
Added in Afterbirth † Sacrificial Altar 5.100.536
Sacrificial Altar
One time use
Sacrifices up to 2 familiars and spawns an item from the Devil Room pool for each familiar sacrificed. Converts all friendly spiders and flies into coins.
Added in Afterbirth † Plan C 5.100.475
Plan C
One time use
Kills all enemies in the room, then kills Isaac three seconds later.
Added in Repentance Magic Skin 5.100.642
Magic Skin
6 rooms
Consumes one heart container or two soul hearts to spawn an item and give Isaac a broken heart container that can never be filled. If Magic Skin isn't being held after being used, it is very likely to replace any future items.
Added in Repentance Red Key 5.100.580
Red Key
4 rooms
Creates a new room adjacent to a viable wall, indicated by the outline of a door. These rooms have a chance to be various special rooms.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Black Candle 5.100.260 Black Candle
Prevents curses. Grants one Black Heart. Increases the chance for a Devil or Angel Room to appear.
Ceremonial Robes 5.100.216 Ceremonial Robes
Grants 3 Black Hearts, and +1 damage.
Contract From Below 5.100.241 Contract From Below
Doubles the number of most room clear awards, but reduces the overall chance of getting one by 1/3.
Dead Cat 5.100.81 Dead Cat
Sets Isaac's Red Heart containers to 1, but grants 9 extra lives. After dying, Isaac respawns with 1 Red Heart Container.
Gimpy 5.100.225 Gimpy
Gives chance of spawning a Soul Heart when taking damage. Enemies have a chance to drop a Half Red Heart after being killed.
Goat Head 5.100.215 Goat Head
A Devil Room / Angel Room will always spawn after every boss fight, excluding the first floor and floors after Chapter 4.
Guppy's Collar 5.100.212 Guppy's Collar
Grants a permanent 50% chance to respawn with 1/2 of a Red Heart after death.
Guppy's Tail 5.100.134 Guppy's Tail
Room clear awards have a 1/3 chance of being replaced with a chest and a 1/3 chance being replaced with nothing.
The Mark 5.100.79 The Mark
Grants one Soul Heart, +1 damage, and +0.2 speed.
The Pact 5.100.80 The Pact
Grants two Removed in RepentanceSoul Hearts Added in RepentanceBlack Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
Pentagram 5.100.51 Pentagram
+1 damage, increases Devil Room / Angel Room chance by 10%.
Added in Afterbirth Athame 5.100.408 Athame
When Isaac takes damage, a black ring briefly appears around him, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
Added in Afterbirth Curse of the Tower 5.100.371 Curse of the Tower
Upon taking damage, spawns six Troll Bombs around the room similar to the XVI - The Tower XVI - The Tower.
Added in Afterbirth † Dark Prince's Crown 5.100.442 Dark Prince's Crown
When at exactly one Red Heart, grants +0.75 tears, +1.5 range, +1 tear height, +0.2 shot speed.
Added in Afterbirth † Euthanasia 5.100.496 Euthanasia
Adds a chance to fire needles that instantly kill basic enemies and deal triple damage to bosses. If a needle kills an enemy, it bursts into more tears/needles.
Added in Afterbirth † Little Horn 5.100.503 Little Horn
Removed in Repentance Adds a chance to fire a piercing tear that instantly kills any enemy that it touches.
Added in Repentance Adds a chance to fire a tear that summons Big Horn's hand to crush the first enemy it hits, instantly killing monsters or greatly damaging bosses.
Added in Afterbirth † Mom's Razor 5.100.508 Mom's Razor
Spawns an orbiting razor that deals contact damage and inflicts bleeding on enemies, causing them to slowly take damage over time.
Added in Afterbirth † Shade 5.100.468 Shade
Spawns a shadow familiar that follows Isaac's movements on a 1 second delay and deals contact damage to enemies. After dealing enough damage, it is absorbed by Isaac and spawns friendly Chargers.
Added in Afterbirth † Tarot Cloth 5.100.451 Tarot Cloth
Drops a random card or rune. Removed in Repentance Doubles the effects of most cards and runes. Added in Repentance Doubles the effects of tarot cards.
Added in Repentance Blood Oath 5.100.569 Blood Oath
Stabs Isaac at the beginning of each floor, draining his red hearts. Increases damage and speed for the floor based on the amount drained.
Added in Repentance Blood Puppy 5.100.565 Blood Puppy
Spawns a familiar that chases enemies. After killing enough enemies, it becomes more powerful and drops red hearts after killing enemies, but will also try to hurt Isaac. Attacking it returns it to normal.
Added in Repentance Sanguine Bond 5.100.692 Sanguine Bond
Spawns a special set of spikes in the Devil Room. Taking damage from the spikes has a chance to grant a reward.
Added in Repentance Vengeful Spirit 5.100.702 Vengeful Spirit
After taking damage, spawns an orbital wisp that lasts for the entire floor, up to a maximum of six. They fire tears but do not block shots.
Added in Repentance False PHD 5.100.654 False PHD
Converts good pills into bad pills and identifies all pills. Bad pills now have secondary positive effects. Grants one Black Heart.
Added in Repentance Heartbreak 5.100.694 Heartbreak
Grants 3 broken hearts and +0.25 damage for every broken heart Isaac has. Every otherwise fatal hit will add 2 more until Isaac has nothing but broken hearts.
Added in Repentance Vanishing Twin 5.100.697 Vanishing Twin
Spawns a familiar that becomes a clone of the floor's boss when entering the boss room. Defeating it drops an extra item.

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