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Curse Room Door.png

Curse Rooms feature teeth-like spikes on the door that hurt Isaac when entering and exiting the room.


Curse Rooms can feature the following things:

Added in Afterbirth Greed mode contents[]

In Greed mode, curse rooms can feature the following things:


  • During the Cursed! challenge, all doors except for special types turn into this type of door.
  • Items that grant flight allow Isaac to avoid damage taken upon entering a Curse Room, but do not prevent damage taken upon leaving.
  • Holy Mantle Holy Mantle allows Isaac to pass through the doors without taking any damage.
  • Any item that gives Isaac a shield or invulnerability will prevent damage taken when passing through a Curse Room Door.
  • If a Secret Room is next to a Curse Room, it can be entered without taking any damage by bombing the wall between these rooms from the Secret Room.
  • The damage done by the Curse Room's door is applied when touching the door. This means that Isaac can be damaged by it without actually going through the door, and any effects that occur upon taking damage will occur in the current room and not the room that the door leads to.
  • Added in Repentance Damage taken from entering a Curse Room doesn't count for the purposes of score calculation and Devil/Angel Room odds.
  • Added in Repentance Holding Added in RepentanceFlat File Flat File will remove the spikes from Curse Room doors, allowing them to be entered without taking damage.



Bug Bug! Isaac may occasionally pass through Curse Room doors without taking damage even when he should. This usually requires 2.0 speed, a long running start and careful positioning to cross the door before its damage effect kicks in, or alternatively several size downs and very careful nudging along the door's edge.