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Creep is a liquid created by the attacks of certain monsters and bosses, or may be spawned by Isaac. Creep appears on the ground as a glowing or "shiny" puddle or line. There are a few different kinds of Creep which can affect enemies or Isaac. Having the ability to fly or the Callus Callus trinket nullifies the effects of Creep.

Creep that will affect Isaac is shown flickering rapidly. When all enemies inside a room are defeated, the creep they produced will quickly disappear.

Red Creep[edit | edit source]

Red Creep is the most common type of Creep in the game. It can be created by various different enemies, champions, or Isaac himself. When spawned by enemies, it damages Isaac but not other enemies in the room. When spawned by Isaac, it damages walking enemies but not Isaac himself. It deals half a heart of damage to the player. Red Creep is representative of blood.

Green Creep[edit | edit source]

Green Creep is spawned by various enemies, Ultra Pride, Pestilence, green champion monsters, and Added in Afterbirth Dangle and Brownie (when they are poisoned). When spawned by enemies, it is functionally equivalent to Red Creep, however some forms spawned by Isaac deal damage at a faster rate. It can be spawned by Isaac with the Added in Afterbirth Bob transformation, Added in AfterbirthBob's Bladder Bob's Bladder, Added in Afterbirth15►Toxic Shock Toxic Shock, 15►Mysterious Liquid Mysterious Liquid, or Added in Afterbirth †15►7 Seals 7 Seals' Pestilence familiar. Green Creep is representative of acid, bile, or poison.

Yellow Creep[edit | edit source]

Yellow Creep is spawned only by Peep, 15►Lemon Mishap Lemon Mishap, Lemon Party pills, and Added in Repentance15►Free Lemonade Free Lemonade. When spawned by Peep, it deals half a heart of damage to the player. When spawned by Isaac, it continuously damages walking enemies and seems to do more damage than any other type of creep that Isaac can create. Yellow Creep is representative of urine.

Black Creep[edit | edit source]

Black Creep is spawned by various enemies, Gish, the Added in Afterbirth † Something's Wrong... pill, 15►Ball of Tar Ball of Tar, and Added in Afterbirth †15►7 Seals 7 Seals' Famine familiar. It slows the movement speed of affected enemies or the player. When spawned by enemies, it affects Isaac but not other enemies. When spawned by Isaac, it affects enemies but not Isaac, bypassing the status resistances of Bosses. Black Creep is likely representative of tar or oil.

White Creep[edit | edit source]

White Creep is functionally similar to Black Creep. White Creep is spawned by several bosses, including Widow, The Wretched, Triachnid, and Added in Afterbirth The Frail, as well as Small Baby Long Legs. Isaac can spawn white creep with 15►Juicy Sack Juicy Sack, Added in Afterbirth †15►Large Zit Large Zit, and Added in Afterbirth †15►Parasitoid Parasitoid. White Creep could be representative of a liquid form of Cobweb.

Blue Creep[edit | edit source]

Blue Creep is spawned by Added in AfterbirthHush, Added in Afterbirth †15►Depression Depression, or 15►Holy Water Holy Water. 15►Aquarius Aquarius also causes Isaac to leave a trail of blue creep wherever he walks. Blue creep created by Isaac damages enemies that walk over it. Added in Afterbirth Blue creep spawned by Hush makes Isaac slide, and does not affect other enemies. It is likely representative of water or tears.

Added in RepentanceBlue creep spawned by 15►Holy Water Holy Water petrifies enemies.

Added in RepentanceBlue creep spawned by 15►Aquarius Aquarius synergizes with tear effects.

Grey Creep[edit | edit source]

Grey Creep is spawned only by The Cage. It damages Isaac like Red Creep but does not affect other enemies. It may be representative of some type of rotten fluid.

Orange Creep[edit | edit source]

Orange Creep is spawned only by Mama Gurdy. It slows down Isaac like Black Creep and deals a full heart of damage to the player but does not affect other enemies. Unlike other types of Creep, Orange Creep does not flicker rapidly, even though it only affects Isaac. Due to its nature, it may be representative of vomit, pus, or some other bodily liquid.

Added in Afterbirth Brown Creep[edit | edit source]

Brown Creep is spawned by Tainted ??? Tainted ??? and Added in Repentance15►IBS IBS's mechanic, or by bosses such as Brownie, Dangle, Turdlings, Added in Afterbirth † X-Lax pill, and Added in Afterbirth † Sisters Vis. Hostile Brown Creep and the Creep spawn by X-Lax will make Isaac slide, affecting his ability to stop moving or change directions while moving. This kind of Brown Creep does not flicker rapidly even though it only affects Isaac. Friendly Brown Creep spawned by Tainted ??? Tainted ??? or Added in Repentance15►IBS IBS would give damage and tears boost if Isaac is standing on it, and will synergize with other kinds of poop spawned by those mechanic. It is representative of liquid poop, likely to be diarrhea.

Added in RepentanceStatic Creep[edit | edit source]

Static Creep is spawned exclusively by Dogma's first phase. It appears underneath the boss as they move. It functions the same as Red Creep, harming Isaac for half a heart. Rather than being representative of a certain type of liquid, it represents visual static, most commonly seen on televisions with no signal.

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