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Added in Repentance

Cracked Key is a consumable item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Acts as a single-use 15►Red Key Red Key, allowing Isaac to create new rooms by using the key next to a wall where there would be no conditions that could prevent a (secret) room from spawning there. This is indicated by walls that have red door outlines on them.


  • The Cracked Key's main purpose is to allow unlocking Tainted characters in Home Home without having to rely on finding the Red Key.
    • To create a Cracked Key (once unlocked), drop any trinket in a Boss Room or a Treasure Room on any floor before acquiring 15►Dad's Note Dad's Note, including the room Dad's Note is in. After starting the Ascent by collecting Dad's Note, the trinket left behind will have become a Cracked Key in the corresponding room.
      • While trinkets are fairly common, there is always a chance one doesn't appear naturally. This chance can be avoided by clearing three consecutive floors without taking damage, which is guaranteed to cause Perfection Perfection to spawn.
      • 15►Mom's Box Mom's Box can be helpful for creating Cracked Keys, providing extra trinkets to leave in Boss rooms or Treasure rooms for later use.
  • Cracked Keys can also spawn in the same condition as any Card.
  • This item cannot be mimicked by Wild Card, 15►Blank Card Blank Card or 15►Clear Rune Clear Rune, and 15►Tarot Cloth Tarot Cloth has no effect on it.
  • 15►Little Baggy Little Baggy will turn all Cracked Keys into pills instead, rendering them unavailable, even during the Ascent.
    • This does not happen with 15►Starter Deck Starter Deck though, as a Cracked Key is considered a card.
  • Using the Cracked Key in Home Home as a Tainted character will spawn the item 15►Inner Child Inner Child in the closet where the Tainted character would normally be found, as long as Inner Child is unlocked.
  • If found before the Ascent, the Cracked Key can serve as a secret room finder, as secret room entrances do not have red door outlines.

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