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This article is about damaged savefiles. For the achievement, see Corrupted Data.

Corrupt data is a savefile state where the savefile can not be loaded due to an error. There are several conditions that may induce corruption in the savefile.

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Issues: Verification on the specifics of what causes corruption is needed.

Importing Save Files Manually[ | ]

Importing save files may not work properly, as some important things might have not been moved in the manual import, resulting in an unusable imported version.

Installing DLCs[ | ]

Due to the numerous changes between DLCs, automatic savefile importing may also result in errors when installing Afterbirth+ or Repentance.

Errors are more likely while having a save file with a run already started.[citation needed]

Hardware/Software Issues[ | ]

Misbehaving hardware or software on the computer/console may cause damage to the game state while it's held in memory, and if written to disk can corrupt the save file.

Modifying Game Files[ | ]

Modified game files could cause unstable or even deleterious effects on the game; the files should be edited only with proper modding knowledge and tested on a save file that is not important.

Modifying Save Files[ | ]

Although the save data can be edited directly using binary/hex editing tools, it is very risky as the format is complex and an edit without accounting for integrity of the data and checksums will likely render the file unusable.