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Added in Repentance

Consolation Prize is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Gives Isaac one of the following stat boosts, depending on what attribute Isaac has the least of:
  • Also drops either 3 coins, 1 bomb, or 1 key on the ground, depending on what Isaac has the least of.


  • Each key or bomb is equivalent to 3 coins. Thus, having 3 coins, 1 bomb and 1 key is counted as having the same amount of each.
  • Pickups spawned can be variants of their type.
  • The tears up can break the soft tears cap of 5, due to the fact that it is a tear delay modifier.
  • If there is a tie between two or more stats/pickups for which is lowest, one of them is selected at random.
  • Cards and trinkets that grant temporary stat increases will affect the stat given by Consolation Prize (e.g. using I - The Magician I - The Magician or carrying Tape Worm Tape Worm will likely prevent the item from granting a range up, VII - The Chariot VII - The Chariot or Goat Hoof Goat Hoof - speed, and so on.)
  • As Bethany Bethany, it can also spawn a Soul Heart if that is her lowest consumable; one soul heart is equivalent to 2 coins.
  • As Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac, dropping it for another item won't reset the gained stat.

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