Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Added in Repentance

Cohorts are enemies resembling a giant Globin Globin in the shape of Monstro Monstro. They act similarly to Monstro, and have the following attacks:

  • Hops towards Isaac.
  • Spits a ball of blood at Isaac, which creates a radial burst of 8 blood shots after a moderate distance.
  • Coughs up a chaotic burst of shots at Isaac. This burst contains a Globin Globin goo pile, which will regenerate and chase Isaac if not killed. This has a chance to be a Gazing Globin Gazing Globin goo pile.
    • This attack cannot create Globins if the Cohort currently has 4 summoned Globins. Other Globins in the room do not count towards this limit.
  • Upon death, splits into four Globin goo piles.


  • If a Globin goo pile lands over non-solid ground e.g. over a pit or between a wall and obstacles, it is killed instead of spawning.


  • The eyeball that appears when it performs its splitting projectile attack resembles that of a Gazing Globin Gazing Globin.