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Added in Repentance

Clog is a boss introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance and can appear in Dross Dross.


Clog remains stationary generally in the center of the room but can rarely be encountered at the center top of the room. It performs the following attacks:

  • Spits out a Drip Drip below it and can occasionally repeat this attack multiple times with a maximum of 4 Drips alive at once.
  • Creates three lines of farts that spread across the room, knocking away Isaac and Drips. Each fart has a chance to spawn a Poop Poops.
  • If there are 2 or more Drips alive, Clog spins and causes the water in the room to circulate around him, catching Isaac and any spawned Drips in its current.
  • Shoots out 4 spiraling lines of projectiles.
    • Consists of either slow projectiles with small gaps in between or fast projectiles with bigger gaps in between.
  • Upon Clog's defeat, he and all remaining Drips are "flushed" away identical to the effect of using Flush! Flush! on them.



  • If a Butt Bombs Butt Bombs Bomb goes off in the same room as Clog, it heals him.
  • Flush! Flush! kills Clog instantly and causes him to leave behind 6 Dips.
  • Like other water-based effects in the Dross Dross floor, Isaac is unaffected by Clog's spinning attack if he has flight.
    • This is particularly useful if fighting Clog in the mirror world, as Isaac will be The Lost The Lost for that fight.


  • Clog appears to be a boss version of Splurt Splurt.
  • Upon death, Clog will play a flush animation where he disappears into the floor.
  • He shares the same "voice" with Brownie Brownie, albeit pitched down.