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Added in Repentance

Clear Rune is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


Recharge time[]

This is a list of the following recharge times the item can have, depending on the consumable it mimicked last:


  • Butter! Butter!: Because Clear Rune is dropped upon usage, the recharge time for them is reset to 4, allowing to use more expensive runes much more frequently.
  • 15►Car Battery Car Battery: Essentially uses the rune or soul stone twice.
  • Rune of Jera Rune of Jera: Allows Isaac to copy pickups with every use. This combination can double Lil' Batteries, which can both circumvent the rune's high charge time and allow for game-breaking combos with repeated use of the synergy.


In-game Footage[]


  • Despite being introduced in the Repentance DLC, Clear Rune's place in the Collection Menu is on Page 3, along with other Rebirth items. This is due to the item taking up a previously unused item id.

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