Chocolate Milk is a passive item.


  • Grants charged tears that deal greater damage when fully charged.
    • Tear damage scales from approximately 10% damage at a minimum charge to 400% damage at full charge.
    • The numbers above occur with very high tear delay. A high tears stat can increase the minimum damage dealt, but decreases the maximum damage dealt.
  • Tears down: Delay * 2.5.


  • Repeatedly pressing a key to fire allows Isaac to fire as quickly as the key is pressed, up to the equivalent of a maxed tears stat. This is not generally recommended, as overall damage per second is greatly reduced.
    • Rapid-fire can useful to deal with low-health enemies, for whom DPS is less relevant.


  • Collectible 20 20 icon.png 20/20/ Collectible The Inner Eye icon.png The Inner Eye/ Collectible Mutant Spider icon.png Mutant Spider: Fires multiple charged shots.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Compound Fracture icon.png Compound Fracture/ Collectible Cricket's Body icon.png Cricket's Body/ Collectible The Parasite icon.png The Parasite: Split tears do half the damage of normal tears.
  • Collectible Godhead icon.png Godhead: Charging the shots increase the size and damage of the aura.
  • Guppy: Firing quickly generates lots of Blue Flies, which each deal 200% of your tear damage.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Haemolacria icon.png Haemolacria: Increased tear delay. Completely charged shots and their burst tears are larger and deal higher damage than normal. Chocolate Milk also allows low-damage Haemolacria shots to be fired rapidly.
  • Collectible Isaac's Tears icon.png Isaac's Tears/ Collectible Sad Bombs icon.png Sad Bombs/ Collectible Tammy's Head icon.png Tammy's Head: The size and damage of all generated tears correspond to the current charge level of Chocolate Milk. Isaac's Tears will nearly instantly recharge while charging a Chocolate Milk shot.
  • Collectible Ipecac icon.png Ipecac: Increased tear delay. Charged shots deal massively increased damage, as the +40 damage from Ipecac is run through the damage multiplier of Chocolate Milk. It also allows low-damage Ipecac shots to be fired rapidly.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Lachryphagy icon.png Lachryphagy: Rapidly firing small, uncharged tears can cause the fed tear to grow into a gigantic tear that will still deal fairly low damage while feeding tears with charged tears will result in higher-damage tears.
  • Collectible Mom's Wig icon.png Mom's Wig: Spiders rapidly spawn while charging.
  • Collectible Monstro's Lung icon.png Monstro's Lung: Dlc nr indicator.png Reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20%, allowing Monstro's Lung to charge faster. Each tear from Monstro's Lung is also a charged Chocolate Milk shot, massively increasing damage.
    • Dlc r indicator.png Tear delay is increased, and the tear damage, along with the amount of tears fired is dependent on charge time.
  • Collectible Polyphemus icon.png Polyphemus: Increased tear delay. Massively increases the damage of each shot, and charged tears decay in damage much slower as a result.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Sinus Infection icon.png Sinus Infection: Booger damage is influenced by the damage of the individual tear, so fully-charged Chocolate Milk shots can result in very potent damage over time.
  • Collectible Technology 2 icon.png Technology 2: Damage dealt by the laser is equal to Isaac's current charge, leading to constant high damage from a safe distance.
    • Dlc r indicator.png The laser deals 20% of Isaac's damage regardless of charge, tears are affected by Chocolate Milk as normal.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Trisagion icon.png Trisagion: Fully charged beams deal four times normal damage. Trisagion's shots are colored brown.
  • Character The Forgotten icon.png The Forgotten: When charging the club, instead of being thrown, the club grows bigger, doing more damage.


  • Collectible Anti-Gravity icon.png Anti-Gravity: No effect, but retains the reduced tear delay.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Brimstone icon.png Brimstone: Doesn't increase damage, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Brimstone to charge faster). Beam is colored brown. It also applies to Azazel's default mini-brimstone.
    • Dlc r indicator.png Brimstone laser takes longer to fully charge, but can be released at any point during its charge. Width and damage of the laser increases at higher charges. Width scales from 50% at minimum charge to 160% at maximum charge. Damage scales from 25% at minimum charge to 250% at maximum charge. Unlike with normal tears, the tears stat does not directly affect maximum or minimum damage.
      • Character Tainted Azazel icon.png Tainted Azazel: If the charge is released quickly (before the charge meter is about 33% full) Tainted Azazel will sneeze. If released after that, he will shoot a laser instead.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Cursed Eye icon.png Cursed Eye: The charge bar only indicates the current charge for Chocolate Milk, not for Cursed Eye; the latter's charge is determined by the eye's glow. If charged until Cursed Eye fully glows, Isaac fires one Chocolate Milk shot, followed by up to three minimal power ones.
    • Dlc r indicator.png Cursed Eye takes longer to charge, but low damage shots can be fired rapidly. If fully charged, Isaac fires five Chocolate Milk shots.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Dr. Fetus icon.png Dr. Fetus: Bombs can't be charged, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Dr. Fetus to fire faster). Bombs are brown.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Epic Fetus icon.png Epic Fetus: Missiles can't be charged, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Epic Fetus' missiles to be fired with a shorter delay between them). Changes the explosion color to brown.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible The Ludovico Technique icon.png The Ludovico Technique: The tear can't be charged, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows The Ludovico Technique to deal damage faster). Turns the tear into a Chocolate Milk tear.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Mom's Knife icon.png Mom's Knife: Doesn't increase damage, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Mom's Knife to charge faster). The knife turns brown.
  • Dlc a indicator.png Collectible Marked icon.png Marked: Isaac will automatically charge his shots. Fire rate increases when the crosshair is closer to Isaac, and damage increases when the crosshair is farther from Isaac.
  • Dlc a indicator.png Collectible Mega Blast icon.png Mega Blast: Firing the Mega Blast beam while Chocolate Milk charges preserve the charge, but does not increase the beam's damage.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Neptunus icon.png Neptunus: Overrides Chocolate Milk's active charge. Tear damage is determined by how charged Neptunus is.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Soy Milk icon.png Soy Milk: Overrides Chocolate Milk, but Isaac gains a flat +1 damage bonus after the Soy Milk damage penalty.
    • Dlc r indicator.png Shoots moderately charged shots at a quick pace with no increase in damage.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Collectible Technology icon.png Technology: Lasers can't be charged, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Technology to fire faster). Lasers are colored brown.
    • Dlc r indicator.png Lasers can be charged, dealing up to 4x damage when fully charged. Low-damage lasers can also be fired rapidly. Tear delay isn't decreased.
  • Dlc anr indicator.png Collectible Tech X icon.png Tech X: Doesn't increase damage, but reduces Isaac's current tear delay by 20% (allows Tech X to charge faster). Laser rings are colored brown.

In-game Footage



3DS Z6TY HCX7 (Adjacent to starting room)

3DS XALQ CQLT (Below starting room)

PC HM12 QGTW (Above starting room, Brimstone in Curse Room)

PC NM9T FG6Y (2 rooms to the left)

PC GMZZ 3BG7 (Adjacent to starting room)

PS4 LWMA PE0B (Adjacent to starting room)

PS4 MHAY 6H2L (Adjacent to starting room)

PS4 TG9X N2XD (Two rooms to the left)

PS4 ZFKD T9V7 (Adjacent to starting room)

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