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Disambig.png This article is about the objects called chests. For the floor, see Chest (Floor). For other uses, see Chest (Disambiguation).

Chests are objects that contain other objects, items, trinkets, pickups, enemies, other chests, and more. There are eleven types of chests.



Normal chests have no requirements to open. When opened, they will contain one of the following:

  • Pickups: If a chest spawns pickups, 1-3 of the following batches of pickups will spawn. The same batch can be chosen multiple times. If Isaac has Mom's Key Mom's Key, an additional batch of 1-3 pickups spawns, up to a total of 2-6.
  • A trinket
  • A pill
  • A smaller Chest

Locked Chest[]

Locked Chest.png

Locked Chests (or alternatively Golden Chests) require a key to open unless Isaac has Paper Clip Paper Clip or a Golden Key Golden Key; trying to open it without the means to will push the chest instead. When opened, they'll contain one of the following:

  • Pickups: Follows the same pickup generation rules as normal chests, but spawns 1-6 batches of pickups instead. Mom's key also causes an additional 1-6 batches to spawn from locked chests, increasing the total to 2-12.
  • A Golden Chest item
  • A trinket
  • A card
  • A smaller Chest

If Isaac has Added in RepentanceGilded Key Gilded Key, all chest spawns will be replaced by Golden Chests and their contents will be modified to allow them to spawn trinkets, cards, and/or pills (which Golden Chests normally can't give) alongside normal pickups.

See the following item pools for a list of items Golden Chests can contain: Golden Chest (Item Pool) and Golden Chest (Greed Mode Item Pool)

Added in Repentance Reward Chances[]

Reward % Chance Gilded Key
1 Item 20% 20%
2-6 Random Pickups (see below tables) 58% 80%
1 Trinket 10% 0%
1 Chest Chest 1% 0%
1 Locked Chest Locked Chest 1% 0%
1 Card or Rune 10% 0%
Reward Base % Daemon's Tail
1-3 Coins 35% 41.6%
1 Heart 20% 4.7%
1 Key Key 15% 17.8%
1 Bomb Bomb 30% 35.7%

Added in Repentance Random pickups when holding Gilded Key Gilded Key

Reward Base % Daemon's Tail
1-3 Coins 25% 29.7%
1 Heart 20% 4%
1 Key Key 10% 11.9%
1 Bomb Bomb 20% 23.8%
1 Pill 5% 5.9%
1 Card or Rune 5% 5.9%
1 Rune 5% 5.9%
1 Trinket 5% 5.9%
1 Lil' Battery Lil' Battery 5% 5.9%

Red Chest[]

Red Chest.png

Red Chests are most commonly found in Curse Room Curse Rooms and Devil Room Devil Rooms, but can also occasionally replace normal chests. If Isaac is holding The Left Hand The Left Hand trinket, all chests will turn into Red Chests. They can contain the following:

Having the Daemon's Tail Daemon's Tail trinket changes the chances to get various rewards from a Red Chest.

Added in Repentance Reward Chances

Reward Base % + Removed in Repentancein Devil/Angel Room In a Devil/Angel Room Daemon's Tail In a Devil/Angel Room & Daemon's Tail
Red Chest Item 10% 10.5% 11.3% 12%
Teleport to Devil/Angel Room 5% 0% 5.5% 0%
2 Spider Spiders/Added in Repentance Strider Striders 13% 13.6% 14.7% 15.6%
Mega Troll Bomb Mega Troll Bomb 13% 13.6% 14.7% 15.6%
3 Blue Flies 7% 7.3% 7.9% 8.4%
3 Blue Spiders 7% 7.3% 7.9% 8.4%
1 Soul Heart Soul Heart 7.5% 7.8% 3% 3.3%
2 Soul Heart Soul Hearts 7.5% 7.8% 0.3% 0.3%
2 Troll Bomb Troll Bombs 15% 15.7% 17% 18%
2 Pills 15% 15.7% 17% 18%

Removed in RepentanceRed Chests have the same stats inside of a Devil/Angel Room as they can teleport players into the room despite being inside it.

Bomb Chest[]

Bomb Chest.png

Bomb Chests (or alternatively Stone Chests) are grey chests that have an appearance similar to stone. They are unique in that they will only open if hit by an explosion. They give the same rewards as Golden Chests. Stone Chests are most commonly found in Challenge Room Challenge Rooms, Curse Room Curse Rooms, and Vault Vaults, and they will occasionally replace normal chests.

Added in Afterbirth Eternal Chest[]

Eternal Chest.png

Eternal Chests are similar in appearance to Golden Chests, except that they are a bright blue instead of gold and emit a pale glow, like a Soul Heart Soul Heart. They have the same requirements to unlock and rewards as locked chests, but with an additional feature; the chest will close itself after a few seconds, at which point it can be opened again for more rewards at the cost of another key. However, there is a 25% chance the chest will give nothing when opened, and if the chest contains nothing or an item, it will not reopen and cannot give any more rewards. They can be found in Angel Room Angel Rooms and I AM ERROR I AM ERROR rooms, and will very rarely replace normal chests and locked chests.

Added in Repentance Eternal Chests are guaranteed to pay out at least once.

Added in Afterbirth Spiked Chest[]

Spiked Chest.png

Spiked Chests are purple colored chests with spikes protruding from them. Opening the chest will deal half a heart of damage to Isaac unless he has a way to resist the damage, such as with invulnerability effects or Holy Mantle Holy Mantle (Removed in Afterbirth † or if it's on Chest Chest/Dark Room Dark Room, where they are free to open.) The Forgotten The Forgotten can also open spiked chests without taking damage by swinging their bone club. They give the same rewards as normal Chests. They can be rarely found upon completing a room or in Greed mode Shops. Spiked Chests can also be opened without any damage being taken when using Magneto Magneto.

Removed in Afterbirth † Unlike other chests, they do not appear on the minimap.

Added in Afterbirth † Mimic Chest[]

Removed in RepentanceMimic Chest.png Added in RepentanceMimic chest Repentance.png

Mimic Chests appear similar to normal Chests (both for the sprite and the mini-map icon) until Isaac gets close to them, at which point they sprout spikes and act the same as a Spiked Chest.

Removed in Repentance They can be distinguished from normal Chests by their darker, purplish-brown coloring, the grayish spots on each side of the latch where the spikes will sprout from and the bloodstain.

Added in Repentance Mimic chest can be identified with blood stain on the bottom right edge. Damage from this chest is considered self-damage.

The contents inside mimics chests will change whenever their spikes pop out, which can be observed with Added in RepentanceGuppy's Eye Guppy's Eye. The only way to get the original drops is to open it with Added in RepentanceFlat File Flat File, Magneto Magneto, or a melee swing attack such as The Forgotten The Forgotten's bone club or Added in RepentanceSpirit Sword Spirit Sword.

Added in Repentance Old Chest[]

Old Chest.png

Old Chests are similar in shape to Golden Chests, but have the color of a normal Chest and a worn-down appearance. They have the same requirements as locked chests. When opened, they contain one of the following:

Old chests can be found through the effects of Isaac's Tomb Isaac's Tomb and inside I AM ERROR I AM ERROR rooms.

Added in Repentance Wooden Chest[]

Wooden Chest.png

Wooden Chests appear similar to normal Chests but have a wooden texture. When opened, they contain one of the following:

Unlocked by: Wooden Chest Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus

Added in Repentance Mega Chest[]

Mega Chest.png

Mega chests appear similar to Golden Chests but are larger in appearance. They require 1-7 keys to open. When opened, they contain one of the following:

Mega Chests have a 1% chance to replace any golden chest, and appear in one super secret room layout next to 2 keys. Before they are unlocked, Mega Chests are replaced by Locked Chest Locked Chests.

Unlocked by: Mega Chest Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac

Added in Repentance Haunted Chest[]

Haunted Chest.png

Haunted Chests appear nearly identical to normal Chests, but are slightly lighter in color and are haunted by a Polty Polty. A haunted chest deals collision damage while the Polty Polty is inside it. When Isaac gets close enough to a Haunted Chest, the Polty Polty will emerge and throw the chest at him, breaking it open and dealing half a heart of damage if it hits. The Polty Polty then acts normally. Haunted chests can be discerned from a distance by their slightly paler colors.

  • If the player leaves the room while the chest is in the air, it will disappear.
  • If Polty Polties have been permanently destroyed by Eraser Eraser, approaching the chest makes it pop open with a pink puff of smoke.

Unlocked by: Haunted Chest Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Lost Tainted Lost

Added in Repentance Mom's Chest[]

Mom's Chest.png

Mom's Chest appears in Home Home. Mom's chest has no requirements to open. It contains a Red Key Red Key upon the first visit (used to access the hidden closet), and on later encounters, an item from the Mom's Chest item pool.

  • Can't be copied by D1 D1.


  • Normal chests cannot contain cards or items.
  • Golden chests cannot contain pills.
  • Consider opening adjacent Red Chests before Stone Chests; Red Chests often contain Troll Bomb Troll Bombs, which can blast Stone Chests open.
    • Stone Chests can also be pushed to any position in the room, which can be used to save bombs by hitting multiple targets with one blast.
  • Opening any chest (except for red chests) while on Chest Chest or Dark Room Dark Room will spawn an item.
  • Chests of all types are considered pickups and will be doubled by Rune of Jera Rune of Jera.
    • Mom's Chest cannot be doubled.
  • Removed in Repentance Empty opened chests may be rerolled into other pickups by using items such as the D20 D20, but this must be done immediately, as opened chests will disappear upon leaving the room.
  • Added in Repentance Opened chests cannot be rerolled.
  • Mom's Key Mom's Key cannot change the contents of a chest; it only causes the chest to spawn more pickups if it normally would.
  • Whenever a chest contains another chest, the smaller chest may also contain another chest. This can repeat as many times as the chance allows, but that chance is very slim by default. The smaller chest will have no different rewards than one of the same size.
    • If these smaller chests contain an item, they will appear as tiny items.
  • Removed in RepentanceAll of the icons for the items in the Golden Chest pool are heads or, as is the case for Bob's Brain Bob's Brain and Infamy Infamy, head-related.
  • For unknown reasons, chests can rarely transform into other types of chests upon re-entering a room.
  • If a chest contains an item, the opened chest will be considered an empty item pedestal to duplicate using Added in AfterbirthDiplopia Diplopia.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Prior to update v1.06.0182, Mimic Chests looked identical to normal Chests.
  • When using the Debug Console, a Golden Chest is referred to as a "Locked Chest" and a Stone Chest is referred to as a "Bomb Chest".
  • Added in Repentance Holding Flat File Flat File will prevent the damage from Spiked Chest.

Unlockable Achievements[]


  • The smaller chests occasionally spawned by regular and golden chests can, in turn, spawn even smaller chests. This chain of ever smaller chests can continue for quite some time on certain seeds. Any items spawned in these smaller chests will also be downsized accordingly.
  • Mimic Chests share the same name with a recurring Chest enemy that has appeared in Dungeons and Dragons and eventually in various video games. Mimic Chests in the games act as a chest but attempt to catch players off guard and attack them. The Mimic Chests in The Binding of Isaac, although not a living entity, may have mostly been inspired by the Mimic Chest's ability to act like chests and catch players off guard, which explains its nature.


Bug Bug! Removed in Repentance If a smaller chest is present in a room, re-entering the room will make the chest appear in a regular size.
Bug Bug! Added in Repentance Unless the player has enough keys, flight, or any form of teleportation, the Mega Chest can block the way of a narrow passage way and may even deny access to many other rooms such as the Boss Room, possibly softlocking your run.