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Chapters are sets of floors which contain similar enemies, themes, bosses, and difficulties. Earlier chapters are divided into three floors, while later chapters contain one floor. Each chapter has different environments which, while retaining the same feel, have slightly different themes, enemies, bosses, and difficulties. Each environment also has its own music.

Chapter 1[ | ]

Basement Cellar Burning Basement
BasementBasement CellarCellar (except in Rebirth)Burning BasementBurning Basement

Chapter 1.5 (Alternative)[ | ]

Downpour Dross
(in Repentance)DownpourDownpour (in Repentance)DrossDross

Chapter 2[ | ]

Caves Catacombs Flooded Caves
CavesCaves CatacombsCatacombs (except in Rebirth)Flooded CavesFlooded Caves

Chapter 2.5 (Alternative)[ | ]

Mines Ashpit
(in Repentance)MinesMines (in Repentance)AshpitAshpit

Chapter 3[ | ]

Depths Necropolis Dank Depths
DepthsDepths NecropolisNecropolis (except in Rebirth)Dank DepthsDank Depths

Chapter 3.5 (Alternative)[ | ]

Mausoleum Gehenna
(in Repentance)MausoleumMausoleum (in Repentance)GehennaGehenna

Chapter 4[ | ]

Womb Utero Scarred Womb
WombWomb UteroUtero (except in Rebirth)Scarred WombScarred Womb

Chapter 4.5 (Optional/Alternative)[ | ]

??? Corpse
(except in Rebirth)?????? (in Repentance)CorpseCorpse

Chapter 5[ | ]

Cathedral Sheol
CathedralCathedral SheolSheol

Chapter 6 (Optional)[ | ]

Chest Dark Room
ChestChest Dark RoomDark Room

Endgame (Optional)[ | ]

The Void Home
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance)The VoidThe Void (in Repentance)HomeHome

Level Generation[ | ]

For the technical details of how each level / floor is generated, see Level Generation.

Gallery[ | ]