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Name ID Icon Quote Description
Bloody Penny 5.350.49 Bloody Penny Wealth of health Gives a chance to drop a Half Red HeartHalf Red Heart when a coin is collected.
Burnt Penny 5.350.50 Burnt Penny Wealth of chaos Gives a chance to drop a BombBomb when a coin is collected.
Butt Penny 5.350.24 Butt Penny Wealth of gas Isaac will fart when he picks up a coin. Coins have a higher chance to drop from PoopPoops.
Counterfeit Penny 5.350.52 Counterfeit Penny Wealth of wealth Gives a 50% chance of increasing the value of every coin pickup by one.
Flat Penny 5.350.51 Flat Penny Wealth of answers Gives a chance to drop a KeyKey when a coin is collected.
Swallowed Penny 5.350.1 Swallowed Penny Gulp! Upon taking damage, Isaac drops a coin.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Rotten Penny 5.350.126 Rotten Penny Wealth of flies Spawns a Blue Fly every time a coin is picked up.
(in Repentance) Blessed Penny 5.350.131 Blessed Penny Wealth of purity Gives a chance to drop a Half Soul HeartHalf Soul Heart when a coin is collected.
(in Repentance) Charged Penny 5.350.147 Charged Penny Wealth of power Picking up coins has a chance to give an Active Item charge.
(in Repentance) Cursed Penny 5.350.172 Cursed Penny Wealth of misery Picking up coins teleports Isaac to a random room.

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