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Not to be confused with Cain's Eye Cain's Eye, Added in Afterbirth15►Evil Eye Evil Eye, or Added in Afterbirth †15►Glaucoma Glaucoma.

Cain's Other Eye is an unlockable passive item.


  • Spawns a familiar that floats slowly around the room in a zig-zag pattern similar to 15►The Peeper The Peeper and shoots normal tears in the same direction as Isaac. Each tear deals 3.5 damage.
    • Added in Afterbirth Each tear deals Isaac's damage.


  • Unlike 15►The Peeper The Peeper, Cain's Other Eye does no contact damage.

In-game Footage[]


PC ZWY4 PYQL (Treasure Room next to spawn)

PS4 P2ZC JTS6 (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Vita LBFS (Down and left from spawn)

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