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Cain is a character unlocked by obtaining 55 or more coins at once in a run.

Cain starts with two Red Heart containers, one Key Key, and Lucky Foot Lucky Foot.

Added in Afterbirth Cain also starts with a Paper Clip Paper Clip trinket after 68 coins have been donated to the Greed Donation Machine.png Greed Donation Machine.


  • Cain can only shoot tears from his right eye. This affects certain items: Blood Clot Blood Clot and Chemical Peel Chemical Peel have a 50% chance to do increased damage and Technology 2 Technology 2 will prevent him from firing normal tears, even tear-changing effects like Brimstone Brimstone. Also, the R U a Wizard? pill will cause Cain to fire tears to his right exclusively.


  • Cain starts with slightly higher damage and speed than most characters, making him more agile and effective at the start. However, he has lower range and health than average, which means he has to put himself closer to danger and can take less punishment than most.
  • As mentioned above, Cain only shoots tears from his right eye. This makes it easier to aim as him, and lets Cain consistently peek around corners to shoot behind cover.
  • Cain's kit makes him the best character for hoarding items. His starting luck increases the chance of a drop after a room clear, and Lucky Foot Lucky Foot boosts this even further by increasing his success for room drops and machines like Slot Machine.png Slot Machines, Fortune Telling Machine.png Fortune Telling Machines, Shell Game.png Shell Games, etc.
  • Added in RepentanceLucky Foot changes stat-changing bad pills into good pills, making pills extremely effective for Cain. This makes Golden Pills and Added in RepentanceEcho Chamber Echo Chamber great finds for Cain, as you will receive multiple guaranteed buffs from the pill.
  • Cain's starting key guarantees that he can spend it on opening a locked room (eg. Treasure Room Treasure Room) past Floor 1, or a Locked Chest Locked Chest. If Paper Clip Paper Clip is unlocked, Cain can unlock every golden chest he finds, which significantly increases the chance for an item or a mass collection of pickups.
  • Cain's luck makes him a good candidate for tear effects, as many of them are more likely to trigger based on luck.
  • As he starts with only two hearts, Cain benefits from early health ups, and is not a very good candidate for Devil Room Devil Rooms early on since they will significantly cut his endurance.
  • As Cain is likely to have a large collection of coins or keys after a few floors, it is wise to open up Shop Shops, bomb Shopkeeper Shopkeepers, donate ten coins to a Donation Machine.png Donation Machine, or donate to a Beggar.png Beggar till he pays out to maximize the chances of an Angel Room Angel Room. Cain benefits more from them compared to Devil Rooms due to his low health.

Item Interactions[]

  • Added in Repentance Abel Abel's tears become red and deal 7.5 damage when held by Cain.
  • Added in RepentanceBirthright Birthright: Grants +1 luck. All floors contain an upgraded Arcade Arcade.

Unlockable Achievements[]


  • Cain appeared in the original Binding of Isaac and required the same coin count to unlock.
  • Cain is a reference to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, in which Cain commits the first murder by killing Abel.
    • Abel Abel also appears as an item in Rebirth.
    • Cain's special interaction with Abel is also a reference to this
  • Glass Baby could be a reference to Cain having a glass eye.
  • Cain's locked icon shows him bound in chains.



Bug Bug! Cain's covered eye can be seen through the reflection on the floor on stages/rooms with water