Buttons, originally cut content in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, have become a full-fledged feature of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

Silver Buttons

Silver Button.png

Silver Buttons appear in trap rooms, which have hazards in them which disarm upon pressing all of the silver buttons in the room. Hazards include:

Once pressed, all the hazards will be disarmed - spikes will retract, Red Poop will transform into regular Poop, Red Fire Places will turn into regular Fire Places, Purple Fire Places will turn into Blue Fire Places, and Pitfalls will close.

Unlike Reward Plates, all Silver Buttons in the room have to be pressed to clear the room even if all enemies are slain.

Collectible Undefined icon.png Bug! In trap rooms with retracting spikes, pressing the silver button within five frames of the spikes deploying will cause them to appear to fail to retract, but this is only a visual bug, and they will not deal damage. This can be fixed by leaving the room and re-entering.

Red Buttons Dlc r indicator.png

Red Button.png

Red Buttons usually appear in normal rooms.

Once pressed, all enemies will be killed and all enemy projectiles will be destroyed. Enemies that normally spawn another enemy or shoot projectiles upon death will not do so if slain by a Red Button.

Yellow Buttons Dlc r indicator.png

Yellow Button.png

Yellow Buttons only appear in the second Stage Mines icon.png Mines or Stage Ashpit icon.png Ashpit floor if the player has acquired Collectible Knife Piece 1 icon.png Knife Piece 1, and are square-shaped.

Pressing all 3 yellow buttons throughout the floor unlocks the bridge to Collectible Knife Piece 2 icon.png Knife Piece 2.

Brown Buttons Dlc r indicator.png

Brown Button.png

Brown Buttons cause certain pits (varies from room to room) to be filled so they can be walked on. Sometimes it clears rocks instead.

Reward Plates (Spawn Buttons)


Reward Plates can appear in a variety of rooms, including Secret Rooms, Curse Rooms, and Shops in Greed mode. When pressed, they may spawn helpful pickups or harmful enemies.

Possible Spawns

Afterbirth Dlc a indicator.png

This list is currently incomplete.

Afterbirth † Dlc a† indicator.png

There is a 50-50 chance to spawn a reward or a monster.

Reward Chance
Trap Door 5%
Gold Poop 5%
Poop 1%
An item from the current pool 1%
1-3 Coins 28%
1-2 Red Hearts 20%
1-2 Bombs 20%
Chest 2.5%
Locked Chest 2.5%
Bomb Chest 2.5%
Red Chest 2.5%
Slot Machine 2.5%
Fortune Telling Machine 2.5%
Donation Machine 5%
Troll Bomb 10%

1-4 monsters or bosses. The Void spawns monsters and bosses based on the room's backdrop.

Stage Monsters
Stage Basement icon.png Basement Attack Fly, Ring Fly, Dart Fly, Horf, Charger, Spider
Stage Caves icon.png Caves Charger, Boom Fly, Hive, Nest, Maw, One Tooth
Stage Depths icon.png Depths Baby, Globin, Bony, Knight, Fat Sack, Gurglings
Stage Womb icon.png Womb MemBrain, Dinga, Lump, Mom's Hand
Stage Blue Womb icon.png ??? Drowned Charger, Fatty
Stage Sheol icon.png Sheol Little Horn, Greed, Rag Man
Stage Cathedral icon.png Cathedral Monstro, Gemini, The Duke of Flies
Stage Dark Room icon.png Dark Room Little Horn, Nulls
Stage Chest icon.png Chest Monstro, Super Envy


  • A Reward Plate may spawn a trapdoor even in Stage Chest icon.png Chest. If that happens and Isaac enters them, the floor is restarted as with Collectible Forget Me Now icon.png Forget Me Now or 5-pip Dice Room.
  • If it spawns enemies, the doors to the room will not close, allowing Isaac to avoid fighting them.
    • It may be worth fighting Sins as they still drop items on death.
    • Dlc a† indicator.png This was changed in Booster Pack #5. If it spawns enemies then the doors will close. The enemies will remain in the room even after escaping via teleportation or bombing out.
  • When enemies are spawned, they appear only at walls with doors (barring an I AM ERROR room where the locations are random). This may help locating Secret Rooms as their secret doors also count.
  • Different enemies may spawn from the buttons depending on the floor, with difficult enemies such as Bosses being spawned on later floors.
  • Donation Machines spawned in Greed mode will be regular Donation Machines and not Greed Donation Machines.

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