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(in Repentance)

Bumbino is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in all environments of Chapter 2 (CavesCaves, CatacombsCatacombs, Flooded CavesFlooded Caves).

Behavior[ | ]

Bumbino slowly moves towards Isaac and can perform the following attacks:

  • Swipes forward to clear a path to Isaac if Bumbino is obstructed by obstacles while chasing him.
  • Performs two swipes, one in Isaac's direction, followed by another swipe in the opposite direction; these swipes can break obstacles. Then slams the ground, releasing 8 rock projectiles in all directions as well as 4 rock waves diagonally.
    • If Bumbino hits a wall or a pit with a swipe he is momentarily stunned, interrupting this attack and causing rock projectiles to fall from the ceiling.
    • His swipe attack will also deflect incoming projectiles.
  • Charges in Isaac's direction when vertically aligned with him and a wall, breaking all obstacles caught in his path. Bumbino will become stunned upon impacting the wall, launching a cluster of rock projectiles in the opposite direction and causes rock projectiles to fall from the ceiling.
    • If Isaac is close to the impact, he is pushed away.
  • Launches a Collectible Butt Bombs iconButt Bombs Bomb in Isaac's direction.

All of Bumbino's attacks deal 1 Heart of damage.

Additionally, Bumbino attempts to pick up any dropped Coins, similar to Boss Ultra Greed ingameUltra Greed, but without the healing.

  • He prioritizes picking up coins on the ground over attacking.
  • He cannot pick up NickelSticky Nickels, but will try indefinitely if one should spawn in the room, effectively anchoring him to one spot.
  • Getting hit by Bumbino's swipes may sometimes cause Isaac to drop coins.
    • Isaac will drop coins even if he's immune to damage through any means. This includes Character Tainted Forgotten iconTainted Forgotten's skeleton.
  • If Bumbino picks up 12 cents worth of coins, he drops an extra item from the following list and then leaves the room:
Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
<3 5.100.15 <3 HP up Grants Isaac one Red Heart container and fully restores Isaac's health. 2
Butt Bombs 5.100.209 Butt Bombs Toxic blast +5 bombs +5 BombBombs. Bombs now cloud up the screen, briefly damaging and confusing all enemies. 2
Lemon Mishap 5.100.56
Lemon Mishap
2 rooms
Oops... Creates a tiny pool of yellow creep, damaging enemies that cross it. 0
Monstro's Tooth 5.100.86
Monstro's Tooth
3 rooms
Summon Monstro A friendly Boss Monstro ingameMonstro jumps on a random enemy, dealing 120 area damage. Targets Isaac if used in a room without enemies. 1
Number One 5.100.6 Number One Tears up + range down Grants +1.5 tears, but severely reduces range. 2
The Common Cold 5.100.103 The Common Cold Poison damage Adds a chance to shoot poison tears, dealing damage over time when inflicted. 1
The Poop 5.100.36
The Poop
1 room
Plop! Spawns a pile of PoopPoop where Isaac is standing and knocks back nearby enemies. May yield pickups like regular poop. 0
Yum Heart 5.100.45
Yum Heart
4 rooms
Reusable regeneration Restores one full Red HeartRed Heart. 1
Compound Fracture 5.100.453 Compound Fracture Bone tears! Increases Range. Tears turn into bones, which shatter into 1-3 bone shards upon hitting an enemy or obstacle. 3
Dead Tooth 5.100.446 Dead Tooth Toxic breath While firing, Isaac gains a green aura that poisons nearby enemies. 1
Sinus Infection 5.100.459 Sinus Infection Booger tears! Adds a chance to fire a booger that sticks to enemies and deals damage over time. 3
Bone Spurs 5.100.683 Bone Spurs Break your enemies Enemies spawn floating bones on death, which block shots and damage/repel enemies that touch them. 2

Gallery[ | ]

Audio[ | ]

Audio Clips

The noise Bumbino makes upon slamming into a wall.

Bumbino getting stunned after slamming into a wall.

The sound Bumbino makes upon being defeated.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Bumbino is based on Collectible Bumbo iconBumbo, an item in-game and the main character in The Legend of Bum-bo, another game developed by Edmund McMillen in 2019.
  • All items dropped by Bumbino reference the gameplay symbols from The Legend of Bum-bo: Pee, Poop, Hearts, Bones, Snot, and Teeth.
  • The name "Bumbino" is a portmanteau of "Bumbo" and "Bambino", the Italian word for child.
  • Bumbino's slam attack may be a reference to the Wario Land games, as he slams with his shoulder forward, mimicking Wario's Shoulder Bash move.
  • Bumbino's voice is noticably deeper pitched than Bumbo's from The Legend of Bum-bo, despite resembling him.
  • Bumbino's ingame face resembles the Newgrounds emoticon "Agnry Faic", which is also represented as a Co-op Baby called Boss Baby.
  • Taking Collectible Knockout Drops iconKnockout Drops as Character Keeper iconKeeper will give him an expression resembling Bumbino.
  • Bumbino does not have a sprite for his delirium form.