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Questionmarkisaac.png For the unbroken version of this item with a similar name, see Stop Watch.

Broken Watch is a passive item.


  • Every 4th newly discovered room, the Broken Watch slows all enemies and their attacks down, but has a rare chance of speeding them up by 40% instead.
    • The effect is lost upon leaving the room, and not gained again if re-entering it.


  • When the slow effect is activated, the background music is also slowed down to 70% of the original speed of the music.
  • When the speed effect is activated, the background music is sped up by x1.428571428 (Or 1 3/7).
  • The 15►Stop Watch Stop Watch is similar to this item, but functions in a different way.
  • Because of the slow effect, champion versions of enemies will be tinted the same color as all other enemies. This makes it much harder to distinguish certain champion types, such as those that explode upon death.
  • If the slow effect triggers when entering The Beast boss area, it will be active for all four horsemen and the Beast. This is also true of the speed effect.
    • To trigger the effects of Broken Watch during the fight and do not have either the Added in Repentance15►Red Key Red Key or a Added in RepentanceCracked Key Cracked Key, you have to clear 1 room after the effect has activated, then explore every room in Home Home. Otherwise, after the effect has activated in a room, immediately go to Home Home and explore every room.


  • Added in Afterbirth15►Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass: The Glowing Hour Glass does not reset the entered room counter: using it in a room where the Broken Watch is active and immediately returning without visiting other new rooms will not trigger the effect again.
  • 15►Stop Watch Stop Watch: Removed in Afterbirth Overrides Broken Watch; the speed-up effect will not occur.
    • Added in Afterbirth Both the slow effect and the rarer speed up can trigger at the start of a room. However, getting hit on a sped-up room will trigger Stop Watch's slow down.

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