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Not to be confused with Added in Afterbirth †Moving Box Moving Box or Pandora's Box Pandora's Box.

Box is a passive item.



  • The Box's pickups can be of any variety:
    • Coin: Nickel, Dime, Lucky, Sticky Nickel, Golden
    • Bomb: 1+1 Bombs, Troll Bomb, Golden Bomb
    • Heart: Double Heart, Half-Heart, Soul, Half-Soul, Black, Eternal, Gold, Bone, Rotten
    • Key: Golden, Charged Key
    • Card: Reversed Cards
    • Rune: Soul Stones
    • Pill: Horse or Golden pills
    • Trinket: Golden Trinket
  • Added in RepentanceDropping this item as Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac and picking it back up will not spawn consumables again.

In-game Footage[]


  • While walking to the right, Isaac's name can be seen written on the box.
  • This item was the final item added in Wrath of the Lamb.
  • Item drops are seeded