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Boss Rooms contain one of the many bosses, with victory granting Isaac an item from the Boss pool, hearts (depending on difficulty), and a trap door leading to the next level.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Double Trouble Boss Rooms contain 2 bosses of the same type from the previous chapter. Defeating them only gives one item. Double Trouble Boss Rooms only appear from chapter 2 onward.
    • Added in Afterbirth Double Trouble Boss Rooms can now contain 2 bosses of different types. Additionally, they can appear as early as chapter 1.
  • If the floor is affected by Curse of the Labyrinth, 2 separate Boss Rooms will appear in series. The trapdoor to the next floor will only appear after defeating the second boss.
  • When a boss is defeated, an entrance to a Devil Room or Angel Room can appear.
    • A Devil Room door can't appear on the first floor, unless Joker Joker is used. A Devil Room door can also appear in a boss room on the first floor if the floor is spawned with the Curse of the Labyrinth, in which the Devil Room door will appear after defeating the second boss.
    • Upon defeating Mom's Heart, a Devil Room containing a trapdoor or an Angel Room containing a beam of light may appear. This allows Isaac to visit Sheol Sheol or Cathedral Cathedral respectively even if It Lives has not yet been unlocked. If one of these paths is taken instead of touching the large chest, the next Mom's Heart ending will not play but will be unlocked and it will count as a victory against Mom's Heart.
      • Added in Afterbirth Devil Rooms and Angel Rooms no longer contain a trapdoor or a beam after defeating It Lives. They instead have their normal contents.
  • Mr. Fred and Mega Satan are always fought in a double-sized room.
    • Added in Afterbirth Hush is always fought in a 2x2 room and Ultra Greed is fought in a double-sized one (2x1).
    • Added in Afterbirth † Delirium is fought in a 2x2 room.
  • Before the boss has been defeated, the eyes of the skull above the boss room's door are flashing.

SmallIsaac.png Rooms SmallIsaac.png

Unlocked Added in Afterbirth Added in Afterbirth †
Boss Room Icon.png
Boss Room
Mini-Boss Room Icon.png
Mini-Boss Room
Curse Room Icon.png
Curse Room
Sacrifice Room Icon.png
Sacrifice Room
Room 1x1 small.png
Room 1x1.png
Grave Room
Locked Added in Repentance
Treasure Room Icon.png
Treasure Room
Shop Icon.png
Library Icon.png
Planetarium Icon.png
Slotted Arcade Icon.png
Barred Challenge Room Icon.png
Challenge Room
Boss Challenge Room Icon.png
Boss Challenge Room
Double-locked Vault Icon.png
Dice Room Icon.png
Dice Room
Double-boarded Bedroom Icon.png Bedroom2 Icon.png
Hidden Added in Repentance
Secret Room Icon.png
Secret Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Super Secret Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Crawl Space
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Black Market
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Ultra Secret Room Icon.png
Ultra Secret Room
Post-boss Added in Afterbirth
Devil Room Icon.png
Devil Room
Angel Room Icon.png
Angel Room
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Boss Rush
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Blue Womb Entrance
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