Boom! is a passive item.



  • Effectively a much weaker version of Collectible Pyro icon.png Pyro, which grants 99 bombs instead of 10.
  • Can appear as a pedestal item when using the Dlc r indicator.png Pickup 0 - The Fool? icon.png 0 - The Fool? with 10 or more bombs in inventory. Multiple copies can spawn, depending on bomb quantity.

In-game Footage


PC 2RGS AA2F (First Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC 4DHR XR1B (Adjacent to spawn)

Vita FHBA LQ8E (First Treasure Room)

Vita APBY 7VYE (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch V10Q 3WX1 (Starting item as Eden)

Switch NormalIndicator.png 6KF4 ZRHY (First floor Treasure Room; East from Start)

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