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They are used to damage enemies, destroy rocks, and open up closed regular doors and Secret Rooms. When a bomb pickup spawns, there is a chance for it to be replaced by a Troll Bomb instead.

Removed in Repentance Isaac's bombs deal 60 damage to enemies and one full heart of damage to himself.

Added in Repentance Isaac's bombs deal 100 damage to enemies. Bomb explosions pierce enemy armor.

Bomb ID Image Worth Additional Info Unlocked Method
Bomb 5.40.1 Bomb.png 1 15►Bogo Bombs Bogo Bombs, 15►Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle, and Added in Afterbirth †Equality! Equality! can replace this with a Double Bomb.
Double Bomb 5.40.2 Double Bomb.png 2 Grants two bombs.
Added in Afterbirth Golden Bomb 5.40.4 Golden Bomb.png 0 Will not add to the player's bomb count, but when picked up, it will allow the player to place bombs without subtracting from their total for the duration of the current floor, even if the current number of bombs is 0. Gold Bomb Complete Blue Bomber (challenge #23)
Troll Bomb 5.40.3 Troll Bomb.png 0 Cannot be picked up. Spawns already ignited and will explode after a few seconds.
Added in AfterbirthSafety Scissors Safety Scissors will turn this into a Bomb before it explodes.
Added in Repentance Golden Troll Bomb 4.18 Golden Troll Bomb.png 0 Similar to troll bombs, spawns already ignited and cannot be picked up. However, it explodes endlessly, similar to unlimited bombs of the golden bomb pickup.
Added in AfterbirthSafety Scissors Safety Scissors will turn this into a Golden Bomb before it explodes.
Mega Troll Bomb 5.40.5 Megatroll Bomb.png 0 Like Troll Bombs, but are bigger (like bombs upgraded with 15►Mr. Mega Mr. Mega) and will chase Isaac if they are nearby (as if under the influence of 15►Magneto Magneto).
Added in AfterbirthSafety Scissors Safety Scissors will turn this into a Double Bomb before it explodes.
Added in Repentance Giga Bomb 5.40.7 Giga Bomb.png 1 Thrown by Bombgaggers and are spawned naturally in some rooms in Ashpit Ashpit. Explodes and destroys tiles in a diamond shape. Giga bombs deal 300 damage to enemies[1].
Can be obtained by the player with Added in AfterbirthSafety Scissors Safety Scissors or Added in Repentance15►Everything Jar Everything Jar.
Added in Repentance Throwable Bomb 5.41 Throwable Bomb.png 0 Can only be picked up and thrown, explodes in a few seconds after pickup. Spawned only by the Bomb Grimace enemy.

Added in Repentance Poop

Poop pick ups are exclusive to Tainted ??? Tainted ??? as his mechanic uses poops instead of bombs.

Poop ID Image Worth Additional Info
Added in Repentance Poop Nugget 5.42 Poop Nugget.png 1 Drops from Tainted ??? Tainted ??? when dealing damage to enemies.
Added in Repentance Big Poop Nugget 5.42.1 Big Poop Nugget.png 3 Any bomb pickups that would normally spawn is replaced with this when playing as Tainted ??? Tainted ???, this does not affect Troll Bombs and their variants.


  • Pickups, chests, and other movable objects will be flung away if caught in a bomb's explosion radius. Take care not to launch anything you want over spikes or other hazards.
  • Troll bombs of all sizes (whether room reward or spawning from monsters) deal a full heart of damage under normal conditions.
  • Added in Afterbirth Troll Bombs explode after a random amount of time. This means that if two Troll Bombs spawn at the same time right next to each other, there's a high chance one Troll Bomb will blow up before the other, sending that Troll Bomb sliding outwards a bit before exploding.
  • Giga bomb explosions will never destroy tiles in front of room exits.
  • The HUD icon for bombs changes to a bigger one when Isaac holds a Giga bomb.
  • Picked up Giga bombs are always used before normal bombs.
  • Picked up Giga bombs will override the Golden bomb effect until all Giga bombs are used and they do not stack with it.

Unlockable Achievements


  • Troll Bombs are a reference to Trolling, an internet term for tricking or messing with people psychologically.
    • The face on the Troll Bomb depicts the Trollface, a face commonly associated with internet trolls and trolling.
  • Mega Troll Bombs are spawned by Super Wrath, Super Pride, War (black Champion), and sometimes Little Horn.
  • In the original game, Mega Troll Bombs can't be blocked by obstacles or non-piercing tears, will follow the player at any distance, and are much faster.

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