Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki
(except in Rebirth)

Bomb bum

Bomb Bums will pay out with one of these items after being given enough bombs.

Activated Collectibles[ | ]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Mr. Boom 5.100.37
2 rooms
(except in Repentance) Places a Collectible Mr. Mega iconMr. Mega BombBomb that deals 110 damage.
(in Repentance) Places a Collectible Mr. Mega iconMr. Mega BombBomb that deals 185 damage.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Mama Mega! 5.100.483
Mama Mega!
One time use
Damages all enemies and destroys all obstacles. The effect occurs every time a new room is entered for the rest of the floor. Opens the doors to the floor's Secret RoomSecret Rooms and Super Secret RoomSuper Secret Rooms.
(in Repentance) Remote Detonator 5.100.137
Remote Detonator
BombBombs placed by Isaac only explode when Remote Detonator is used. Gives 5 bombs.

Passive Collectibles[ | ]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Bob's Curse 5.100.140 Bob's Curse
+5 BombBombs. Grants Isaac's bombs a poison effect. (in Repentance) They also leave a lingering poison cloud, and Isaac becomes immune to poison.
Bobby-Bomb 5.100.125 Bobby-Bomb
+5 BombBombs. Bombs gain a homing effect, slowly moving towards the nearest enemy.
Butt Bombs 5.100.209 Butt Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Bombs now cloud up the screen, briefly damaging and confusing all enemies.
Hot Bombs 5.100.256 Hot Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Isaac's bombs leave behind fire that damages enemies upon contact.
Sad Bombs 5.100.220 Sad Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Upon exploding, bombs shoot 10 tears around them, affected by tear modifiers.
Scatter Bombs 5.100.366 Scatter Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Isaac's bombs explode into 2-4 tiny bombs.
Sticky Bombs 5.100.367 Sticky Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Bombs stick to enemies and spawn 2-4 Blue Spiders if they kill an enemy. (in Repentance) They also leave a long-lasting puddle of slowing white creep.
Bomber Boy 5.100.353 Bomber Boy
(except in Repentance)0.2
(in Repentance)1
+5 BombBombs. Isaac's bombs will now explode in a large cross-shaped pattern (roughly 5 bombs explosions wide). This also affects player-spawned Troll BombTroll Bombs.
Pyro 5.100.190 Pyro
(except in Repentance)1
(in Repentance)0.2
Grants 99 BombBombs.
(except in Repentance) BOGO Bombs 5.100.250 BOGO Bombs
All normal BombBombs become Double BombDouble Bombs.
(except in Repentance) Bomb Bag 5.100.131 Bomb Bag
Spawns a familiar that drops a BombBomb every 3 rooms.
(except in Repentance) Boom! 5.100.19 Boom!
Grants 10 BombBombs.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Fast Bombs 5.100.517 Fast Bombs
+7 BombBombs. Removes the delay between bomb placements, allowing them to be placed rapidly. (in Repentance) Bombs will no longer knock each other away.
(in Repentance) Blood Bombs 5.100.614 Blood Bombs
Grants a Red Heart container and restores 5 hearts. Bombs leave behind damaging red creep. Isaac can place BombBombs at the cost of half a heart if he doesn't have any.
(in Repentance) Ghost Bombs 5.100.727 Ghost Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Bombs become spectral and spawn ghosts that deal contact damage to enemies and explode after 10 seconds.
(in Repentance) Glitter Bombs 5.100.432 Glitter Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Bombs have a chance to drop random pickups or charm enemies when they explode.
(in Repentance) Mr. Mega 5.100.106 Mr
+5 BombBombs. Increases the size, blast radius, and damage of Isaac's bombs.
(in Repentance) Nancy Bombs 5.100.563 Nancy Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Each bomb gains 1-4 random bomb synergies.
(in Repentance) Rocket in a Jar 5.100.583 Rocket in a Jar
+5 BombBombs. If Isaac is currently firing, placing a bomb will instead shoot a fast-moving, explosive rocket in the direction he's facing.
(in Repentance) Brimstone Bombs 5.100.646 Brimstone Bombs
+5 BombBombs. Bombs fire four Collectible Brimstone iconBrimstone lasers in the cardinal directions upon exploding.