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Blindfolded is a special condition exclusive to certain challenges. The characters Added in Afterbirth Lilith Lilith and Added in Repentance Tainted Lilith Tainted Lilith are also blindfolded.

When Isaac is blindfolded, he is unable to fire tears and most projectiles. It also prevents attacks from other firsthand sources, such as Mom's Knife Mom's Knife, Brimstone Brimstone, and Epic Fetus Epic Fetus. However, this does not prevent attacks from items such as Added in AfterbirthMaw of the Void Maw of the Void[1] or Added in RepentanceRevelation Revelation. Despite being unable to fire tears, Isaac can still command familiars to shoot by holding the attack button, and can still use active items.

Since blindfolded is a challenge condition instead of an existing item, it cannot be removed with Dice Rooms, Missing No. Missing No., or D100 D100, and does not show up on the "My stuff!" screen, or be obtained with the debug menu.



  1. This restriction is only lifted in Repentance.